May Rollup

What a busy month!¬† I can’t believe how much I’ve neglected writing in the blog, so I’m gonna blame work for that! ūüėõ¬† I’ve been really busy trying to put together purchase plans and distributing and configuring new computer systems for the library that my time has just disappeared on me.¬† By the time I get home I just wanted to vedge in front of a game or do some reading. On the gaming front, I was jumping into WAR fairly regularly, playing both my Order and Chaos toons.¬† Then … Continue reading

Musical Tarot

I’ve actually been thinking about doing something like this (associating songs to¬†Tarot cards) ¬†for awhile now.¬† I think my first notes on the subject come from sometime last year, and since reading through the Thursday Night Tarot, I’ve been inspired to take up the project again.¬† Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.¬† This is just a “first draft,” so to speak, so it will probably change quite a bit from any “final version” I eventually work out… The Fool¬†(alternate) [Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (alt: Windy) Magician¬†(Magic Man) … Continue reading

Monthly Roll-Up . . . a little late

OY!¬† It has been totally crazy around my neck of the woods and I feel like I haven’t had any time for myself or to do things that I enjoy, like posting to the blog!¬† At least we were able to fill the open position at work in my dept. so hopefully things won’t be quite as fever pitch as they’ve been – but the new person won’t be starting for another couple of weeks.¬† So until then, things are probably going to keep up the frantic pace, after that, … Continue reading

Busy – My new “norm state”

Work is just over the top busy lately so I haven’t had a lot of time for gaming nor blogging.¬† I did get the latest update to EVE online the other day, and was able to login to keep my training plan up-to-date on my latest endeavor: covert-ops.¬†¬†Naberius now¬†has the skills to fly a “Buzzard,” but¬†he still needs to up his training in Cov-Ops so he can use and fit a cov-ops cloaking device.¬†¬† Once I get that done, he’ll move back to training up even more probe skills while … Continue reading

Mid Week doo-dah

I’ve actually been getting a few things done through the week that I was hoping I would be able to.¬† I’ve started writing out character bio’s¬†for my novel’s main characters and I’ve also been doing a little bit of gaming here and there to boot! In CoH I’ve mainly just been messing around¬†with the character creator – definitely¬†one of the best implementations in MMO-land. I created a cheerleader villain (aren’t they all?) named “Snobbie Bobbie”, complete¬†with the “Pink Pom-Poms of Death/Doom.” And a leopard themed toon as well,¬†which I did … Continue reading