GW2 – BW2 (…plus some random thoughts)

So it’s been a week since Guild Wars 2’s second “Beta Weekend Event.”  I haven’t written about it because my observations didn’t really change much since the first BWE.  The only things I didn’t like were the changes to the trait system (where you used to be able to pick any trait you could afford, but now had to follow the oh so common & artificial tree structure).  And that my server became a heavily populated one, to the point that several of my friends could not join me on … Continue reading

Busy with projects, gaming, and holidays!

So I’m still behind in blogging.  I’m just hoping to get at least one post a month now, whereas I used to try for 2 or 3 a week when I first started.  I just can’t seem to find that much time anymore. Lately I’ve been spending far too much time in Skyrim, reading a pretty good book, working on my tarot music videos, and trying to get ready for the holidays.  I’ve also been spending far too much money on expanding my tarot card collection. I’ve also been acquiring … Continue reading

30-30 The Remix; Final Set (Songs 21-30)

Here is the final installment of the 30 Days, 30 Songs “The Remixed List” (Songs 21-30). 21. Your Favorite Holiday Song. Tough to say, as an atheist I still like Christmas and holiday music (much as Ayn Rand did when asked if it was appropriate for atheists to celebrate Christmas). I like a lot of the Mannheim Steamroller and TSO re-makes. Dunno why, but this is the one I really like – it’s somber and haunting, but I love it; “Coventry Carol” by Alison Moyet.  I also really love “Winter Wonderland” … Continue reading

Musical Tarot – Makin’ Vids

A while back (2009) I wrote an entry associating Tarot Cards to pop-songs – actually I’ve done two entries on this topic.  I’ve decided to go ahead and try to actually make several YouTube “Video Collages” using the song-list I created earlier and images of various tarot decks in my collection.  Usually the images of the card are in alpha order for the decks I’m using.  Here is that list of decks: 1JJ Tarot of the 78 Doors Adflatus / Revelations Tarot Ancient Italian (aka the Serravalle Sesia Tarot) Aquarian Aqurius’ Era Arcus Arcanum … Continue reading

30-30 The Remix; Second Set (Day 11-20)

Continuing the “remix” of the 30-Days/30-Songs list, here are days 11-20: 11.  A Song You Think a 3rd Grader Could Have Written.  I’ve always thought Beetles songs were very simplistic and two in particular really fit the bill: “Love Me Do” and “Obladi, Oblada” 12. Your Favorite Theme Song.  There are a few that I really like, the classic “Hawaii Five-O” and “Miami Vice” themes are pretty cool, but the one that has the most meaning for me, since the show released me from my bondage to organized religion is … Continue reading