Mid Week doo-dah

I’ve actually been getting a few things done through the week that I was hoping I would be able to.  I’ve started writing out character bio’s for my novel’s main characters and I’ve also been doing a little bit of gaming here and there to boot!

In CoH I’ve mainly just been messing around with the character creator – definitely one of the best implementations in MMO-land. I created a cheerleader villain (aren’t they all?) named “Snobbie Bobbie”, complete with the “Pink Pom-Poms of Death/Doom.” And a leopard themed toon as well, which I did mainly to see if I could use the character model for my own game. However, the model in CoX was too human-looking, so I’ll probably opt for something more like the “Khajiit” from Oblivion to base my Bast/Bastet/Sekhmet race upon.   

I also did some more categorizing of my bellydancing music to correspond to the four realms so I can eventually make a YouTube music video representing each of the realms or “nomes” that I want to include in my game. For the game, I’m only planning four “realms” (corresponding to the cardinal compass points), with three “god-types” per area. But that’s a whole design document in itself (currently standing at around 100 pages).  

I also peeked into Guild Wars to take another look at their snake-people and bird people, which I also need models for in my game. And to compare the snake folk in GW to the ones used in City of villains. 

And I’ve dropped into EVE to check on my training plans, I should have Electronics V on Nab sometime on Friday, and then he’ll be going Covert Ops and scanning.  I’m going to go investigate 0.0 space with this guy and figure out what all the fuss is about.

I guess that about wraps it up for now.  The weekend is shaping up to be another full of chores and very little spare time for side projects… Unless of course I decide to just blow off all of my chores… Hmmmm.  Hope the back of your week goes well! Enjoy!

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