Requiem for a Gay Man

Over the course of the last couple of years I’ve been pulling together music from my collection to create a “Requiem for a Gay Man.” I’m not really sure why I started this project, I think I was getting nostalgic and sentimental about some of the folks I’ve known and lost over the years. Knowing I myself didn’t want to have a “traditional christian” style funeral – esp. since I’m an atheist and about as non-traditional as you can get when it comes to religious stuff, I wanted something uniquely … Continue reading

Music, Halloween, and Random Thoughts

Halloween is my second favorite holiday of the year, just behind Christmas.  Even as an old fogey, I enjoy dressing up and heading out for the evening.  Although at my age, it’s usually to a local bar to pick up a drink, and probably no tricks, LOL.  Anyways, the season had me pulling out some of my “darker”  music CD’s to get me in the mood.  I’ve been listening to Red Flag’s latest album; Born Again.  Certainly different from their “Russian Radio” days, but I like it. I’ve also got … Continue reading

Bagpipe Metal

Maybe it’s not “metal,” but it is Rock for sure. The band is “In Extremo” and I’ve been listening to them for a couple years or so.  How I “found” them is a rather long story – and since those seem to be some of my best ‘blogs so far, here goes… My indoctrination to German Metal was many years ago, at work, during “stretching.” Yes, you know, at big corporate jobs they do lots of warm fuzzy things to make the employees “feel better,” so at Intel we did “stretching” as … Continue reading