Ok, I know I’ve been neglecting the blog for a good while now. But hopefully that is about to change.  I think I’m finally getting settled into my new home and job out in Las Vegas and things seem to be getting back to some modicum of normalcy.  Only time will tell. I just updated my PC last weekend, so that was nice.  I did the upgrade because so many new games are going to be coming out soon for the PC.  I believe Skyrim will kick things off, followed by … Continue reading

Music on a Theme

[I’m starting to wonder if I haven’t posted this before sometime, it would’ve had to have been back when I first started the blog, ‘cuz I’ve moved since then and finding these tapes today kicked off a bunch of memories…] I found five old “themed” audio cassettes today while scrounging around looking for something else in one of my closets. Three of the five are dated and were recorded “in honor” of the person that I was dating at the time – so there are a lot of sappy love … Continue reading

8K in 2009 and more Dragon Age

As of yesterday I hit my goal of 8,000 hits on the blog for this year, with a month and a half to spare! I know that’s small potatoes for most folks, but it’s just over double the number of visitors I had the year prior, so that was pretty cool. [Balloons and confetti fall here] Over the weekend I also played a lot more Dragon Age: Origins, and I’m still enjoying it quite a bit, but some of the shortcomings are starting to become apparent.  They’re pretty minor, but I’m starting to … Continue reading

May Rollup

What a busy month!  I can’t believe how much I’ve neglected writing in the blog, so I’m gonna blame work for that! 😛  I’ve been really busy trying to put together purchase plans and distributing and configuring new computer systems for the library that my time has just disappeared on me.  By the time I get home I just wanted to vedge in front of a game or do some reading. On the gaming front, I was jumping into WAR fairly regularly, playing both my Order and Chaos toons.  Then … Continue reading

2008 is done

My first full calendar year of blogging – woot!  I actually hit my 1-year anniversary last September, but having a full Jan-Dec. calendar year of blogs is kind of cool too! So let’s see… as for gaming in 2008 I did stints in EVE, LotRO, AoC, DAoC, WAR, Wiz101, WoW, Hellgate, CoX, and minimally some Guild Wars (mainly to see what my annual gift pets were, LOL).  I think I’m getting bored with the whole genre though as I can’t seem stay interested in any one of them more than 2-3 … Continue reading