It’s Been Awhile! I apologize for that.

It’s been a very busy year since September when I started my new job at a local high school.  Besides assisting with their college level courses I’ve been in charge of a small computer club, and that has kept me far busier than I anticipated.  But it has been great fun as well and I really enjoy it!  🙂 In light of that, I’ve been quite remiss with my other hobbies; writing, photography, making YouTube videos, etc. I have added quite a few new cartomancy decks to my collection, and … Continue reading

Grand Lenormand in Translation – Part 13: Nine – King of Hearts

I apologize for taking so long in getting this installment published – I have been super busy at work. Hopefully I will be able to get the final installment out quicker. This section finishes out the listing of the cards and their meanings. The last (very short) section deals with four of the more popular spreads that can be used with this deck. Enjoy! ______ Nine of Hearts [ Group: The Zodiac ] This card represents secret dreams realized. It also foretells that all of your wishes can materialize very … Continue reading

Grand Lenormand – Part 9: 5 – 8 of Spades

  5 of Spades [Group: The Zodiac] This card represents misunderstandings which provoke problems in most sectors [of life]. It announces that with some effort, you can ameliorate [improve] the situation. The Letter ARepresents: Autonomy, Ambition, Mastery Floral Arrangement: Yellow Carnation, Raspberry, ArumInterpretation: Your current preoccupations are purely artistic and aesthetic. You have good reason to allow yourself to go where the climate is most favorable for you. Large Subject: The centaur Chiron, killed by an arrow, is metamorphosed into the sky as Sagittarius. Interpretation: You have a tendency to … Continue reading

Oh my goodness!

The time has simply got away from me!  I am working on the next installment of the Grand Lenormand translation, and I hope to get that posted sometime over the weekend.  Sorry for the huge delay in posting. Things have just been a bit crazy around here – in a mostly good/busy sort of way.  I will try to be much more regular with my postings in 2013. I hope your year has been great so far, and Happy Valentine’s Day! … Continue reading

Grand Lenormand – Part 8: Ace – Four of Spades

I’m still super busy, but I did find time to at least get started on the suit of Spades. I was hoping that I might get some down-time over Thanksgiving, but I doubt that will happen, since I will be travelling out of state to visit family and it looks like I’ll probably be helping one of my sisters move too. So much for a relaxing holiday at home – at least I enjoy visiting family, so I’ll still be having a good time. I just won’t be getting any … Continue reading