Move Progress…

Well I’ve got about half of the house boxed up and ready to go.  I still need to pack up the computer room, master bedroom, and all of the tools/yard stuff from outside and in the garage.  The “wrap every item” type stuff is all done (kitchen/breakables, knick-knack stuff, etc.), so hopefully the rest of the packing will go a bit more quickly.  We’ll see.  Still no real interest in the house, so I’ll probably have to enlist a realtor instead of doing the FSBO thing. In other news, I … Continue reading

Music N Stuff

Well I’m back from my Xmas travels and I gave a lot of music this year which got me to thinking about music in LotRO; and why some of the “old” classics haven’t been ported over.  Most are very simple, catchy tunes that should port very well over to the ABC music format that LotRO uses.  Some that I’d really like to see would be some of the classic Herb Alpert tunes (Taste of Honey, Lonely Bull, Spanish Flea, etc.) A couple of his tunes were used for TV game … Continue reading

Oh No! Not another MMO!

Lord of the Rings Online… Ok, it’s not super new or anything and I was in the beta where I had less than a stellar impression of the game, but a guild mate has been playing the free trial over the Thanksgiving holiday and says it’s much better than it was in beta and thinks it could hold our guild’s interest until Warhammer is released – unlike Hellgate. Don’t get me wrong, Hellgate is a blast, but it just doesn’t have the staying power that a “real MMO” has. It’s … Continue reading

Web JukeBox

I just finished coding a web-jukebox for myself. It turned out quite well.  A few months ago I began encoding my CD library into MP3 files with the thought that “one day” I’d become a DJ for EVE Radio.  Well my gaming ADHD kicked in and I don’t play EVE (for now). But I’ve got over 5,000 MP3 files on my webserver so I didn’t want them going to waste – esp. over the holidays when I’m visiting my family, etc. SO… Over the past couple days I’ve been writing … Continue reading

Love & Anger, Lennox Style

Ok, so I have this thing about making musical compilations.  Besides my “Requiem for a Gay Man,” one of my favorites is a 2-Disc set I made called “Love & Anger; Annie Lennox.” I’d love to see this done commercially – she’s got some great stuff out there that I didn’t have space to include.  It could probably be expanded to a 4-disc set at least.  Oh well, here’s what I came up with – Enjoy!  I’ll try to include YouTube links, but some of these are not going to … Continue reading