Setting up a DOLServer (DAOC server emulator)

DOL = “Dawn of Light” and it is a community driven, open-source Dark Age of Camelot server emulator that is coded in C# and has been a ‘work in progress’ for about a decade or more.  Most of the information in this guide has been compiled from innumerable sources found on the Official DOLserver Forums. I’m writing this up-to-date guide because most of the ‘official’ documentation on DOLserver is outdated and I’m tired of trying to piece together information that is scattered willy nilly across a multitude of forums through … Continue reading

Garden Update: May 2014

Between my “Summer Job” and still working at the high school, it’s been a bit tough trying to find time to blog – hopefully once school is out, in two weeks, I’ll have a bit more time to devote to blogging and other creative projects. This week I’d like to review my seed-starting experience for this year’s garden.  I’ve prep’d a small area near an old tree house that my parents relocated to the ground in their backyard. I’m hoping to grow vines up the sides and flowers and herbs … Continue reading

Grand Lenormand – Video Update

I’ve been working on a video ‘companion guide’ to the translations I posted over the last year or so.  I’ve just completed the ‘Clubs’ videos and hope to start on the suit of Diamonds today or tomorrow.  I’ve added information about the ‘Gold Stars’ (which are usually astrological-planetary glyphs), and I also talk about the geomantic glyphs that occur under some of the ‘Letter Codes.’ Thanks for watching, and I hope your September is off to a great start! Enjoy! … Continue reading

Moved and Mostly Settled

The move went off without too many hitches a couple weeks ago.  We did have one mishap, I left my diabetic cat’s insulin in the fridge, but I was able to procure another bottle at my destination so it wasn’t a huge emergency.  She did have an ‘accident’ on the drive though, so the last hour of the four hour drive wasn’t pleasant for either one of us 🙁   For those not ‘in-the-know,’ diabetes makes cats (and humans) ‘flood the litter-box’ when their blood sugar is high.  But one high glucose … Continue reading

Upcomming Lull in Activity

I’m transitioning to a new job in another state, so I will be busy over the next couple of weeks packing and moving, and then after that, learning the new job and unpacking & trying to settle in. So there may not be much activity here or on my YouTube channel until around mid-September. If I can get situated sooner, I’ll try to get posting sooner – hope all is going well in your world! Enjoy!