LotRO: Nen Harn – I want a summer cabin here!

Nen Harnscreenshot00030.jpgscreenshot00032.jpg

I really need to clean this page up a bit – a good weekend project.  Oh well, here are some LoTRO shots I’ve taken:

fieldspondA Night In Bree



My Oblivion guy:

Oblivion - Sobek

My EVE ships – I went a bit crazy taking screen shots, oh well… And I do name my ships as listed.

NOTE: These pics are prior to the “Trinity” graphical upgrade.

Markosias, Minmatar Hauler/Mining Guard

Currently Flies: Laissez-Faire (Maelstrom), Rubber Chicken (Scythe), Ferrous Whale (Mammoth), and Emancipator (Hurricane)

Maelstrom1, Maelstrom2, Maelstrom3, Maelstrom4, Maelstrom5, Maelstrom6, Scythe1, Scythe2, Mammoth1, Mammoth2, Mammoth3, Mammoth4, Mammoth5, Hurricane1, Hurricane2, Hurricane3, Hurricane4, Hurricane5

Retired Ships (for the most part): Ugly Stick (Thrasher), Rust Bucket (Hoarder)

Thrasher1, Thrasher2, Thrasher3, Thrasher4, Hoarder1, Hoarder2, Hoarder3, Hoarder4, Hoarder5

Orobas Goetica, Amarr Miner / Marko’s bitch

Currently Flies: Binge-N-Purge (Retriever), and Badger Major (Badger Mark II) when Marko isn’t around with his Mammoth.

Badger1, Badger2, Badger3, Badger4, Badger5

Retired: Salad Tongs (Coercer), Inchworm (Osprey)

Coercer1, Coercer2, Coercer3, Coercer4, Osprey1, Osprey2, Osprey3, Osprey4

BubbaJoe Doe, Gallente mission runner

Currently Flies: Dronicus Prime (Myrmidon)

Myrmidon1, Myrmidon2, Myrmidon3, Myrmidon4

Retired Ship: Kelso (Thorax), Pooper Scooper (Catalyst)

Thorax1, Thorax2, Thorax3, Thorax4, Thorax5, Thorax6, Thorax7, Thorax8, Catalyst1, Catalyst2, Catalyst3, Catalyst4, Catalyst5

DJ RJ, BJ’s sidekick and clean-up crew

Currently Flies: Whoopass Crane (Caracal), Custodial Cutter (Cormorant)

Caracal1, Caracal2, Caracal3, Caracal4, Caracal5, Cormorant1, Cormorant2, Cormorant3, Cormorant4

Retired: Valdore (Kestrel)

Kestrel1, Kestrel2, Kestrel3, Kestrel4, Kestrel5

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