May Rollup

What a busy month!  I can’t believe how much I’ve neglected writing in the blog, so I’m gonna blame work for that! 😛  I’ve been really busy trying to put together purchase plans and distributing and configuring new computer systems for the library that my time has just disappeared on me.  By the time I get home I just wanted to vedge in front of a game or do some reading.

On the gaming front, I was jumping into WAR fairly regularly, playing both my Order and Chaos toons.  Then a week or so ago I got into Battle Forge, which has been a very nice diversion.  I also kept my training queues going in EVE, but I haven’t done any active EVE gaming for quite awhile.  Once the next set of queues finish up sometime in June, I may jump back in. We’ll see.

In other hobbies, I planted several of those window-box style planters and they’ve all done quite well so far.  The number of the seeds that actually grew surprised me, since many of them were several years old.  I also started getting my FaceBook stuff going.  I’ve actually had a facebook page for over a year, but I’d never really done anything with it – I’m not really much of a socialite, so the whole social networking thing just leaves me with a “what’s the point” kind of reaction.  But a new co-worker has turned me on to some of the interesting things that can be done in FB, so I started messing around with it, adding “Flair” and trying to hook up with old friends and acquaintances.  We’ll see how it goes.  I still think my main “presence” in webspace will remain fixed here on the blog though.  It just suits me better.

On the music front, I grabbed a few more albums this month.  Mainly from the “rock-opera” genre with some MM thrown in for good measure:

(I Love that I can look up my digital library on Amazon 😀 )

In the reading arena, two books rose to the occasion:

Now for the Statistics for May

Top Posts for May:

  1. Gardening Bug with 189 views (Spring Fever has officially set in!)
  2. ScreenShots with 112 views (mainly for EVE online pics)
  3. Enochian Tablets… Building Your Own with 44 views (Magick is awesome!)
  4. EVE Mission Running with 32 views (EVE is losing ground, seriously)
  5. EVE – How To with 24 views
  6. Foundations for a New Mythology with 23 views (and several interesting comments)
  7. EVE Multibox Mining with 21 views
  8. Crazy stuff… with 20 views (my crazy spending habits, oy!)
  9. Hellgate Mini-Game and other goodies with 16 views (pretty good for a dead game)
  10. EVE Missions – Multi-Box with only 7 veiws (but I needed to round out this list 😀 )

Top Search Engine Terms:

  1. Dwarf Lilac (174)
  2. Wormwood (99) 
  3. Sedum (29)
  4. Lemegeton (19)
  5. Enochian Tablets (16)

Definitely shows a shift from gaming references to gardening and magick – interesting…

Summary Stats:

I’m inching closer to the 10,000 hits mark with 9,799, only 201 to go!  I should go over 10K this week, as my average per week for May was around 220.   I totally kicked last year’s butt with 1,089 views this month compared to last years anemic 240 (Thank you gardeners!).   Next month I should best my total views for all of 2008.  I had 3,870 views in 2008 and I’m already up to 3,333, so that’s pretty cool! 


I don’t realistically see my workload decreasing much over the next several months, so my blogging may remain somewhat lax, but I’m hoping to do better in June than I did in May. We’ll see.  I’m attending three or four social groups in town, so maybe that will help to inspire me to write up some goodies.  As for Gaming, I’m still waiting for a few things to be released: Sims3, Champions Online, and Jumpgate Evolution.  In the mean time, I’m sure I be playing more BattleForge and Warhammer… and maybe some EVE online if I really get the space bug…

I hope your May was a wonderful adventure, and that with the onset of Summer this June that your life will be simply amazing! Enjoy!

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