30-Day Song Challenge; The Remix (First Third 1-10)

One of my Facebook friends redid the song subjects for the 30-day song challenge. Now it at least reflects subjects that apply to people that are more than ten years old. Day 1 – A Song that Makes You Feel Like a Drag Queen; “Some Velvet Moring” by Lee Hazelwood & Nancy Sinatra. I saw a great drag routine done to this song, so I had to pick this one. A couple others also spring to mind that are pretty regular drag fare; “It’s Raining Men” by the Weather Girls and … Continue reading

Here Comes Old Man Winter (November Wrap Up)

Month end stuff for November My top posts this month were: Enochian Tablets… Building Your Own with 115 views (!) ScreenShots with 74 views More Dragon Age (and possible spoilers) with 56 Gardening Bug with 45 EVE Multibox Mining rounds out the Top Five with 42 I had a total of 850 visitors this month, bringing my annual total up to just shy of 8,500 – last November I only had a measly 276 visitors, but that first November I had the blog back in 2007 I had a whopping 2,000+ visitors due to a … Continue reading

Tarot Musical – Revisited

So I know I’ve already posted about this back in May, but I’m currently in a Tarot Class and in one of the first days’ classes the instructor handed out a bunch of stuff, which I never really went through until recently and noticed that someone else had had the same idea about merging music with the Tarot. Today I was re-doing a lot of work on my jukebox db/PHP application and thought I’d take another stab at relating the Tarot Trumps to music in my collection without looking at … Continue reading

Music on a Theme

[I’m starting to wonder if I haven’t posted this before sometime, it would’ve had to have been back when I first started the blog, ‘cuz I’ve moved since then and finding these tapes today kicked off a bunch of memories…] I found five old “themed” audio cassettes today while scrounging around looking for something else in one of my closets. Three of the five are dated and were recorded “in honor” of the person that I was dating at the time – so there are a lot of sappy love … Continue reading

Weekend Ending

The weekend is almost over and I did get most of my “goals” met.  Of course I set the bar pretty low… Get in some gaming, do a few chores, and get out the apt. at least once.  And I met all of those! WOOT!  As for gaming, I spent most of my time mining in EVE trying to get enough ISK together to buy my Orca. I still haven’t got it all together yet, but I went from a measly 150M to just over 300M, so I almost doubled … Continue reading