Settling in…

The blog has been here at its new location for a week now, and things seem to be working the way they were back on  They were able to migrate my stats, so I now have access to all of my statistics back to 2007 when I started this blog.  The new website seems to be stable, and my little experiments with AdSense and those Amazon Stores seem to be working. I’ve tried to make a couple more videos for my YouTube channel.  One was on macro photography and … Continue reading

Amazon Prime not so great in 2013

I don’t know what’s happened to Amazon since the beginning of 2013, but their normal level of service is way, WAY below par compared to the past decade+ that I’ve been a Prime subscriber.  I (easily) spend over $10k/year with Amazon Prime for the last ten years, and nothing like this has ever happened on such a consistent level.  Sure, they’ve dropped the ball a couple of times, but every order I’ve made since January (45 orders in all) has been botched in some way.  Usually it’s shipped late, sometimes very … Continue reading

New cell phone OTW…

I was more than a full year overdue on my “new every two” contract with Verizon (this option is no longer available, more on this later), and hanging onto a phone that I absolutely hated (the LG Navigator) – hoping for something great to come along.  Nothing did, so instead of putting up with that awful LG phone any longer, I made the plunge. I had sort of been waiting (and waiting, and waiting some more) for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  But when it finally came out, it was missing a … Continue reading

MSSQL db Migration to MySQL

(I posted this from Word 2007, dunno that it brought the images over correctly, WP seems to have truncated them.  Here is a 3MB PDF: MSSQL_2_MySQL.  Hope y’all find this useful!) I decided to write this guide due to the fact that I had a large db migration project that I’ve been working on over the past few weeks and there’s a definite lack of accurate & thorough, step-by-step documentation on how to do this. A couple of assumptions are made: Admin access to a functioning MySQL db Server (able … Continue reading

Musical Tarot – Makin’ Vids

A while back (2009) I wrote an entry associating Tarot Cards to pop-songs – actually I’ve done two entries on this topic.  I’ve decided to go ahead and try to actually make several YouTube “Video Collages” using the song-list I created earlier and images of various tarot decks in my collection.  Usually the images of the card are in alpha order for the decks I’m using.  Here is that list of decks: 1JJ Tarot of the 78 Doors Adflatus / Revelations Tarot Ancient Italian (aka the Serravalle Sesia Tarot) Aquarian Aqurius’ Era Arcus Arcanum … Continue reading