Setting up a DOLServer (DAOC server emulator)

DOL = “Dawn of Light” and it is a community driven, open-source Dark Age of Camelot server emulator that is coded in C# and has been a ‘work in progress’ for about a decade or more.  Most of the information in this guide has been compiled from innumerable sources found on the Official DOLserver Forums. I’m writing this up-to-date guide because most of the ‘official’ documentation on DOLserver is outdated and I’m tired of trying to piece together information that is scattered willy nilly across a multitude of forums through … Continue reading

It’s Been Awhile! I apologize for that.

It’s been a very busy year since September when I started my new job at a local high school.  Besides assisting with their college level courses I’ve been in charge of a small computer club, and that has kept me far busier than I anticipated.  But it has been great fun as well and I really enjoy it!  🙂 In light of that, I’ve been quite remiss with my other hobbies; writing, photography, making YouTube videos, etc. I have added quite a few new cartomancy decks to my collection, and … Continue reading

Guild Wars 2 – Post “Open Beta Weekend” Thoughts

In a word, impressive!  Over the course of the first “open beta weekend” event, I was able to level up five characters to level 10 (and beyond in some cases).  Opening day (Friday) was a bit hairy – much lag was had by all, and it often killed many, many players who watched helplessly as their key mashing did nothing while mobs killed them off.  But by Saturday there was a patch and all seemed much better.  There were still lag spikes here and there (esp. for those with not-so-up-to-date processors). … Continue reading

New cell phone OTW…

I was more than a full year overdue on my “new every two” contract with Verizon (this option is no longer available, more on this later), and hanging onto a phone that I absolutely hated (the LG Navigator) – hoping for something great to come along.  Nothing did, so instead of putting up with that awful LG phone any longer, I made the plunge. I had sort of been waiting (and waiting, and waiting some more) for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  But when it finally came out, it was missing a … Continue reading

Higher Ed Web Sites (ya, they suck)

Here’s a cool article I just read this morning. I tried to post a reply there, but it wouldn’t let me, so I’ll just post my views over here.  I’m just starting a total re-do at a local college website and this article along with the comments have really provided some food for thought. I totally disagree with the commenter that recommends taking the conversation to – they’re part of the problem promulgating boring/poor designs. What’s needed are independent views like this one. My favorites from the article and comments … Continue reading