Busy – My new “norm state”

Work is just over the top busy lately so I haven’t had a lot of time for gaming nor blogging.  I did get the latest update to EVE online the other day, and was able to login to keep my training plan up-to-date on my latest endeavor: covert-ops.  Naberius now has the skills to fly a “Buzzard,” but he still needs to up his training in Cov-Ops so he can use and fit a cov-ops cloaking device.   Once I get that done, he’ll move back to training up even more probe skills while I learn how to explore/probe out in “zero-zero” space.

I’ve also had a bit of time to make a few forays out in Warhammer.  Mainly I’ve been working on getting my Black Orc up to level 20. He’s currently up to 18 or so.  I’ve got about half of my characters up to level 20+, and now I’m just trying to bring up the rest of my gaggle of “alts” up to that level.  “20” is a magic number in WAR, since that’s when your character gets their frist mount.  For my Black Orc, that will be a wart hog like beast.  Last week my Squig Herder got my first timber wolf mount, and I already had a Magus with his scarab-disk, a Chosen with his war-horse, and a DoK with her raptor-like “Cold One.”

Not much else going on – I still need to replace my mp3 player that died over the weekend, so walking back and forth between home and work has been less musical for the past week or so.  I’ve decided that I would much rather listen to music than traffic, sirens, and garbage trucks! I’ll probably order something off of Amazon soon. 

Whatever I get, it needs to support “random play” from an SDHC card, since that’s what I’m already accustomed to. And I’d like it for less than $100. So that about narrows the selection down to two contenders.  This USB/SDHC “keychain” stlye player, and the Cowon D2 (which is what just failed on me).  I’ve actually used both of these gadgets and they’ve each had their own sets of “issues,” so I’m not sure what I’ll end up choosing. 

I almost never used the video player capability of the D2, so I guess I could just buy 9 of the keychains for the price of the the D2 and call it good, LOL.  Oh well, we’ll see how it goes, and I hope your week has been good to you!  Enjoy!

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