Galaxy Nexus – It’s okay, I guess…

But it’s certainly a far cry from the wonderous smart phone I was hoping it would be.  Yeah, the functions are pretty cool and all, but jeebus, it drops a lot of calls!  This thing must have just about the worst antenna ever!  Before now, I’ve never had a dropped call before – ever, except when I’m on the road out in the boonies/mountains, travelling at a high rate of speed. This thing drops calls while walking around in my small, corner apartment (ie – two walls are exterior walls – … Continue reading

New cell phone OTW…

I was more than a full year overdue on my “new every two” contract with Verizon (this option is no longer available, more on this later), and hanging onto a phone that I absolutely hated (the LG Navigator) – hoping for something great to come along.  Nothing did, so instead of putting up with that awful LG phone any longer, I made the plunge. I had sort of been waiting (and waiting, and waiting some more) for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  But when it finally came out, it was missing a … Continue reading

SWTOR and Sax

One month in and I’m still really digging SWTOR and some of the dialogue is just making it that much better.  I about fell out of my chair when my companion piped up, “Don’t look at me, I don’t know what we’re doing. I just shoot things!”  Too funny!  I’ve got one of each archetype up to level 20 now, and my “main” (Sith Inquisitor/Sorcerer) is level 30.  There was definitely a difficulty jump as I neared 30, but it seems OK now that I’ve crossed that threshold. In other … Continue reading

Post Holidays Report

I hope y’all survived the holidays!  I had a great time spending time with family up in (very cold) Utah, but I’m glad to be back home in the warmer climes of Las Vegas. I’m still very much involved in playing Star Wars: The Old Republic.  I now have at least one character of every class archetype levelled up to where they have their spaceship – I wanted to see what they all looked like.  I think my favorite ship, by far, is the one given to the Empire Agents.  … Continue reading


Ok, I know I’ve been neglecting the blog for a good while now. But hopefully that is about to change.  I think I’m finally getting settled into my new home and job out in Las Vegas and things seem to be getting back to some modicum of normalcy.  Only time will tell. I just updated my PC last weekend, so that was nice.  I did the upgrade because so many new games are going to be coming out soon for the PC.  I believe Skyrim will kick things off, followed by … Continue reading