Super Busy!

Ok, sorry for not posting for nearly a month, but I’ve been busy trying to re-do my website and set up a new YouTube account, trying to get more translation done on the Grand Lenormand, and of course the regular day-to-day stuff, like work ūüėõ Anyways, I hope to have this blog moved over to my permanent domain/website sometime this week, and shortly after that I should have my next segment in the Grand Lenormand translation completed (the first four cards from the suit of Hearts). I’ve also been very … Continue reading

Oh my goodness!

The time has simply got away from me!¬† I am working on the next installment of the Grand Lenormand translation, and I hope to get that posted sometime over the weekend.¬† Sorry for the huge delay in posting. Things have just been a bit crazy around here – in a mostly good/busy sort of way.¬† I will try to be much more regular with my postings in 2013. I hope your year has been great so far, and Happy Valentine’s Day! … Continue reading

Time Flies!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted here since August!¬† Life has been brutally busy lately, hence the lack of time to devote to blogging and writing in general.¬† I’ve actually had an update to the Grand Lenormand completed for over a month, I just need to get it uploaded. OY! So please bear with me and I hope things will start evening out a bit so that I can get back to a more regular blogging schedule.¬† I’m still in the midst of some fairly major projects at work that … Continue reading

GW2 – BW2 (…plus some random thoughts)

So it’s been a week since Guild Wars 2’s second “Beta Weekend Event.”¬† I haven’t written about it because my observations didn’t really change much since the first BWE.¬† The only things I didn’t like were the changes to the trait system (where you used to be able to pick any trait you could afford, but now had to follow the oh so common & artificial tree structure).¬† And that my server became a heavily populated one, to the point that several of my friends could not join me on … Continue reading

Photographic Seeing

This is just a note to myself to capture the photographic¬†subjects that were assigned many (MANY) years ago when I took an architectural “Photographic Seeing” course at the University of Utah back in the early 1990s. Rule of Thirds, Point of View,¬† & Framing –¬†artistic composition Lines: Rectilinear/Curvilinear, Actual/Implied Shallow vs. Deep Depth of Field (f-stops) Short vs. Long Exposure (no flash – shutter speed) Monotone & Chromatic Light (no flash) – Front, Back, Side, Warm/Cold, Diffuse/Harsh Texture¬†(Smooth vs. Rough) Flash Photography Photo Essay consisting of 12 related photos (Final … Continue reading