Grand Lenormand in Translation – Part 12: Five – Eight of Hearts

Here is my next installment of my translation from the French meanings for these cards. As always, anything in [ brackets ] are ‘aside notes’ where I comment on odd turns of phrase or other translation issues where it’s not clear what the meaning is. In any event, I hope you find the information useful. The next installment (hopefully in the next week or two) will finish off the card meanings. After that, there about 10 pages describing a few methods of divination with the cards, and then the translation … Continue reading

Simple Product Shot – How To

For my simple product shot, I tried to use only things that I think most folks would have readily available, without having to buy anything special: Inexpensive Point-N-Shoot Camera Flash Diffuser Material (coffee filter, paper, tissue, etc) Flash Reflector (aluminum foil, small mirror) Backdrop Material (scarves, shawls, sheets, pillow cases, bath robes, etc) A way to drape your backdrop (I used a small table pushed up next to an overhanging shelf) And the ‘product’ (I just used a teddy bear for my example) My first shot, without any modifications – … Continue reading

Settling in…

The blog has been here at its new location for a week now, and things seem to be working the way they were back on  They were able to migrate my stats, so I now have access to all of my statistics back to 2007 when I started this blog.  The new website seems to be stable, and my little experiments with AdSense and those Amazon Stores seem to be working. I’ve tried to make a couple more videos for my YouTube channel.  One was on macro photography and … Continue reading

A few bumps during the move…

Apparently when I moved the blog over to this domain I lost all my stats.  Bummer, since the blog has been around for over five years.  I did put in a help-request, but I’m skeptical that I’ll ever recover the stats from my old blog over on  🙁 In other news, I’m experimenting with doing some ‘How-To’ videos over on YouTube.  For now I’m concentrating on making some photography videos, but eventually I would also like to make some pertaining to gardening, web-design/programming, and maybe some occult topics.  I’ve … Continue reading

Blog Moved

Well, it appears that I have successfully moved my blog over to my matching domain.  Dunno why I waited so long.  I’ve actually had this domain name since the late 1990s and I started blogging on WordPress over five years ago.  As a “web-guy” you’d think I would have moved a long (LONG) time ago.  But, from what I’ve seen in ‘the biz,’  many web professionals never get around to working on their personal sites much unless they’re out of work and trying to put together a portfolio 😛  It’s … Continue reading