Oh No! Not another MMO!

Lord of the Rings Online… Ok, it’s not super new or anything and I was in the beta where I had less than a stellar impression of the game, but a guild mate has been playing the free trial over the Thanksgiving holiday and says it’s much better than it was in beta and thinks it could hold our guild’s interest until Warhammer is released – unlike Hellgate. Don’t get me wrong, Hellgate is a blast, but it just doesn’t have the staying power that a “real MMO” has. It’s … Continue reading

Requiem for a Gay Man

Over the course of the last couple of years I’ve been pulling together music from my collection to create a “Requiem for a Gay Man.” I’m not really sure why I started this project, I think I was getting nostalgic and sentimental about some of the folks I’ve known and lost over the years. Knowing I myself didn’t want to have a “traditional christian” style funeral – esp. since I’m an atheist and about as non-traditional as you can get when it comes to religious stuff, I wanted something uniquely … Continue reading

Music, Halloween, and Random Thoughts

Halloween is my second favorite holiday of the year, just behind Christmas.  Even as an old fogey, I enjoy dressing up and heading out for the evening.  Although at my age, it’s usually to a local bar to pick up a drink, and probably no tricks, LOL.  Anyways, the season had me pulling out some of my “darker”  music CD’s to get me in the mood.  I’ve been listening to Red Flag’s latest album; Born Again.  Certainly different from their “Russian Radio” days, but I like it. I’ve also got … Continue reading

Fiesta Time!

What a busy week!  It’s Balloon Fiesta here in Albuquerque, as I said in my last post. And my folks have been visiting, which has been very nice as well.  I’ve been playing tour guide most of the week, and we will try to go to another “mass ascension” tomorrow.  Hopefully I will get some pics up sometime this weekend.  I’ve already taken well over 100 photos just from yesterday’s “Special Shapes Rodeo/Ascension.” In gaming, we’re (my guild-mates and I) still playing Dark Age of Camelot, but we’ve switched over … Continue reading

Why “Lemegeton”

Maybe that’s best answered as a “what” question. Lemegeton is an old 17th century grimoire also known as a “The Lesser Key of Solomon.” I first became acquainted with this book back in the late 1980’s when I was still floundering about with New Agey stuff. I remember someone from one of the BBS’es I subscribed to getting very excited when he received his copies of the Lesser and Greater Keys of Solomon – he couldn’t wait to go evoke some spirits.  Now you have to remember, back then these books had been … Continue reading