Nostalgia, PBS style

This week I discovered two programs on PBS that caught my nostalgia.  The first one, Tracks Ahead, is about trains and model railroading.  I grew up with HO train sets and race tracks.  And once the channel-surfing fell to that program, I was enthralled. Our family never had the space to build a permanent layout, so I only got to set up circles or figure eight’s in my bedroom for a few days at time before I had to put my toys away.  At one point I did get a 4×8 … Continue reading

So I got a blog, now what…

I guess I should start by way of some sort of introduction.  I actually started this blog on a whim after reading The Ancient Gaming Noob’s blog (  As I’m also an “older gamer” but somewhat of a noob.  Mostly because I switch games faster than they can release them it seems.  I’m also somewhat of a solo MMO player, which just seems to irk the hell out of some MMO players.  But I think Jeff Strain (co-founder of ArenaNet) summed it up well in a recent keynote speech “The fact … Continue reading