Ok, I know I’ve been neglecting the blog for a good while now. But hopefully that is about to change.  I think I’m finally getting settled into my new home and job out in Las Vegas and things seem to be getting back to some modicum of normalcy.  Only time will tell.

I just updated my PC last weekend, so that was nice.  I did the upgrade because so many new games are going to be coming out soon for the PC.  I believe Skyrim will kick things off, followed by Guild Wars 2, SWTOR, and Diablo 3.

Currently, I’m still sub’d to Rift, EVE, and just this week I re-sub’d to LOTRO for a year in prep for Isengard which comes out later this month.  EVE and LOTRO are getting the lion’s share of play, Rift has gone to the back burner for a bit, but it’s still a great game.

I’ve been trying to jump-start my social life in my new surroundings by joining various “Meet-Up” groups, but that has been very spotty at best. And the gay bar scene in Vegas is surprisingly poor.  Salt Lake was WAY more fun to go to the bar than in Vegas.  Here it seems everyone is hunched over their electronic poker or 21 game instead of dancing or socializing. I’ve also heard that things really don’t start happening at the bars here until after midnight.  By that time I’m ready for bed, damn I’m gettin’ old.

Anyways, I hope to be writing with a bit more regularity now, and I hope all is finding you well! Enjoy!

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