Galaxy Nexus – It’s okay, I guess…

But it’s certainly a far cry from the wonderous smart phone I was hoping it would be.  Yeah, the functions are pretty cool and all, but jeebus, it drops a lot of calls!  This thing must have just about the worst antenna ever!  Before now, I’ve never had a dropped call before – ever, except when I’m on the road out in the boonies/mountains, travelling at a high rate of speed.

This thing drops calls while walking around in my small, corner apartment (ie – two walls are exterior walls – with windows!).  So that’s the biggest disappointment.  I can’t even use the 4G capabilities because it won’t hold onto the signal for more than 5 minutes or so.  And I live in very large, very flat city – there are virtually NO signal barriers (Las Vegas).  In all honesty, I can’t recommend a Galaxy Nexus until they fix their antenna/reception issues.  Talk about buyer’s remorse – I’m thinking I should trade it in for a RazorMaxx – I think I still have time to do that. I’ll have to look into that possibility.

Just wanted to float this out there for now, I’ve got a couple other posts I’m working on.  It’s definitely Spring out here in the Mohave, so hopefully Spring will find the rest of you soon!  Enjoy!

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