In Home Server Farm

So I’ve been thinking about this a bit, but not too seriously.  I’ve already got a webserver in my house that is a host for three websites. They don’t really do anything yet, I’m just kind of squatting on the domains for now.  But now I’m thinking I’d like a media server so I can store music and movies and junk for easy access. And maybe add an application server to the list so I can delete games and other junk off of my main machine, but reinstall it later without having … Continue reading

May Rollup

What a busy month!  I can’t believe how much I’ve neglected writing in the blog, so I’m gonna blame work for that! 😛  I’ve been really busy trying to put together purchase plans and distributing and configuring new computer systems for the library that my time has just disappeared on me.  By the time I get home I just wanted to vedge in front of a game or do some reading. On the gaming front, I was jumping into WAR fairly regularly, playing both my Order and Chaos toons.  Then … Continue reading

So busy!

I can’t believe I’ve gone two weeks without posting here!  It’s just been crazy busy lately with taxes and work and all kinds of other side projects brewing – oy!  I will be getting a decent tax refund this year, so I’m having to eeny-meeny-miney-mo what bauble that will go towards… Camera, PC, GPS, Vacation… Hmmmm.  In the mean time, I’ve been gaming quite a bit in Warhammer – dividing my time about 50-50 between Order on Badlands and Destro on Monolith.  I got my Bright Wiz up to 20 … Continue reading

Monthly Roll-Up . . . a little late

OY!  It has been totally crazy around my neck of the woods and I feel like I haven’t had any time for myself or to do things that I enjoy, like posting to the blog!  At least we were able to fill the open position at work in my dept. so hopefully things won’t be quite as fever pitch as they’ve been – but the new person won’t be starting for another couple of weeks.  So until then, things are probably going to keep up the frantic pace, after that, … Continue reading

Been caught slackin’

Actually I’ve just been slacking on blog posts a little bit ‘cuz I’ve been so busy doing other stuff.  Over the weekend I did a lot of Warhammer gaming, again I’ve been concentrating on the Order side of the house and getting somewhat frustrated at the huge Destro over-population on that server (I think Badlands, but I can’t remember for sure, that might be where I play destro, lol!).  Anyways, RvR there is just an exercise in frustration, I think due in large part to two (very large) guilds that … Continue reading