Failure of a game

What constitutes a game’s failure as measured by the computer gaming industry? How about as defined by their target audience, the players?  I ask this because I found it quite amusing (if not a bit naive) that a gamer commenting on a Forbes column (special thanks to Syncaine over at Hardcore Casual for turning me onto this) used a couple of games as examples of failure which are quite successful in my book. And I’d bet they’re viewed as successful by the industry as well: Guild Wars and Warhammer: Age of Reckoning.  I … Continue reading

Netbook Gaming

This article got me thinking (again) about my ultimate portable device.  Which really is just a cross between a netbook, a PSP, a cell phone, and a video camera.  What I really want my ultimate portable to be able to do is (in order of importance): Play games really, really well – esp. MMO’s so wireless/cellular internet is a MUST, and TONs of storage would help too – or just mega Flash memory cards (aren’t SDXC supposed to theoretically hold up to 2TB according to EEE docs? – so just let me interchange those … Continue reading

2008 is done

My first full calendar year of blogging – woot!  I actually hit my 1-year anniversary last September, but having a full Jan-Dec. calendar year of blogs is kind of cool too! So let’s see… as for gaming in 2008 I did stints in EVE, LotRO, AoC, DAoC, WAR, Wiz101, WoW, Hellgate, CoX, and minimally some Guild Wars (mainly to see what my annual gift pets were, LOL).  I think I’m getting bored with the whole genre though as I can’t seem stay interested in any one of them more than 2-3 … Continue reading

Linux – still “ham radio” for your computer

Ok, so I was in Phoenix all week last week for a Redhat Linux class and it got me all stoked up to try Linux on one of my several old PC’s laying around the apt.  Since I was learning Redhat, the instructor there recommended getting CentOS, since it’s built off of the Redhat source code (and you can get it for free). Next I had to locate a machine to install it on. The most accessible machine I had that wasn’t already in use was an old G4 PowerMac. … Continue reading

Sheraton… Not Impressed

So I’m attending a Red-Hat Linux class down in Phoenix this week and it’s been great – except for the accommodations.  I’m staying at the Sheraton Downtown (reservations were made by my boss – I would’ve stayed elsewhere – like the Hilton right across the street from the course location).  The drive down to Phoenix sucked ass – there had been an accident about forty miles out from Phoenix, so the traffic was bumper-to-bumper/stop-and-go for several miles down the Black Canyon freeway.  When I finally got to Phoenix and arrived at … Continue reading