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So I’ve been thinking about this a bit, but not too seriously.  I’ve already got a webserver in my house that is a host for three websites. They don’t really do anything yet, I’m just kind of squatting on the domains for now.  But now I’m thinking I’d like a media server so I can store music and movies and junk for easy access. And maybe add an application server to the list so I can delete games and other junk off of my main machine, but reinstall it later without having to search through a mountain of CD/DVD-ROMs.  With all of these machines, it sure would be nice to have a server that I could save backups to on a regular basis.  Heck, I might even set up a Domain! 

So in the end I end up with four servers: web, application, media, and backup. And one of those (most likely the app. or media server) could double as a domain controller.  All this to serve the other four PC’s in the house: Media PC (hooked up to the HDTV/Entertainment Center), Gaming PC, Secondary Gaming PC (for multi-boxing or just Google’ing junk while gaming), and my wireless laptop.  Seems like a bit of overkill at first glance, but not so much when you take into account that I have appx. 1,000 CD’s of music that I’ve converted to mp3 files, plus all of my DVD’s to mpegs.  I’ve also converted my entire analog library to digital; including records, cassettes, and VHS – and I’m running out of storage space. So…. I’d like to get a media server with huge amounts of storage, which of course also means a backup solution that supports huge amounts of storage.

Anyways, it’s just a dream for now, but one of these days I’ll probably go on a server binge! 😛

Hope y’all have a great 4th of July! Enjoy!

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