So busy!

I can’t believe I’ve gone two weeks without posting here!  It’s just been crazy busy lately with taxes and work and all kinds of other side projects brewing – oy! 

I will be getting a decent tax refund this year, so I’m having to eeny-meeny-miney-mo what bauble that will go towards… Camera, PC, GPS, Vacation… Hmmmm. 

In the mean time, I’ve been gaming quite a bit in Warhammer – dividing my time about 50-50 between Order on Badlands and Destro on Monolith.  I got my Bright Wiz up to 20 and my Squig Herder up to 30, so that’s been fun.  Although I’ve mainly been playing an Engineer and my Black Orc over the past few days, so they’re both in their late teens now.

I also bought a new computer chair, which I have found out is awful, but I doubt I can take it back, since it was a floor model.  My old chair is actually a lot more comfortable, BUT it doesn’t have adjustable arm rests so I’d get an ache in my forearm or elbow or wherever I was resting my arm at the time. SOoo… I went and bought a chair that had adjustable arms – and it seemed great at the store – of course…  But after a weekend of gaming, my arms hurt even more since the arms were not as well padded as on my old chair and it didn’t rock back, like my old chair – Grrrr.  I guess I should add yet another office chair to my tax refund wish list, LOL!

I haven’t been very active in EVE, just enough to keep my training queues up to date, and that’s about it.  I might even drop the sub for the summer until I really get the space bug again. 

Hopefully things will settle down a bit over the next few weeks.  Until then, I hope all is going well in your world – Enjoy!

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