Just Checking Comments

So, over on one of my other WP blogs, the articles are being published without allowing comments. Even though all of the defaults and even the article specific settings are to ALLOW comments.  So I just wanted to see if it was a blog specific problem, or if the comments are broken over here as well… [EDIT]  YUP! They’re broken over here as well.  Oh goodie.

February is here

I don’t have a lot of new news to report.  I’m still looking for “a real job,” while I’m otherwise occupied trying to keep my IT skills in shape by updating my own websites, learning how to better use Flash & ActionScript, learning Blender and animation skills, etc.  I haven’t been doing much gaming at all, mainly just using Oblivion to test out my “Blender Blunders.”   I’ve also been working a bit more on my photography and writing, mainly by doing a “Picture A Day” project on my Facebook page … Continue reading

Stress Overload

With the impeding move to yet another state (from AZ to UT), I’m getting both excited and stressed out about getting everything done in time for the move (at the end of April). So in the mean time, I may not be posting here very regularly until sometime in May when things have (hopefully) settled down again. As far as gaming goes, I (finally) ditched my EVE Online accounts for now, so the only active sub. I’ve got going is for Warhammer – and I’ll probably be chopping that at the … Continue reading

A New Week, and a New Month

Here it is February and I’m already a little bit behind.  So without further ado, here are the January stats and roll up. Most popular: “Home Page” – I think WP has changed some kind of measurement, ‘cuz I don’t recall this ever being in my stats before… Anyways it garnered 233 Hits Enochian Tablets… Building Your Own with 136 ScreenShots with 86 EVE 2009 with 65 EVE Multibox Mining rounds out the “Top 5” with 63 January this year was significantly more busy than last year with 886 visits compared with only 353 … Continue reading

Gaming Lull

I’ve kind of been in an inactive gaming state for the last few weeks.  I’m not sure how or why that happened, but I have been very busy at work and arriving home so exhausted I just want to go to bed.  So that’s part of it.  And I haven’t even been cruising the web that much, it just seems I’m not having as much fun sitting in front of the computer when I get home as I used to.  The gaming icons try to look as inviting on the … Continue reading