It’s Been Awhile! I apologize for that.

It’s been a very busy year since September when I started my new job at a local high school.  Besides assisting with their college level courses I’ve been in charge of a small computer club, and that has kept me far busier than I anticipated.  But it has been great fun as well and I really enjoy it!  🙂

In light of that, I’ve been quite remiss with my other hobbies; writing, photography, making YouTube videos, etc. I have added quite a few new cartomancy decks to my collection, and I hope to share those with you in the near future. I’m also hoping to do some tutorials on computer topics – mainly gaming (playing), modding (modifying games), and game engine workflow – since these are topics that we’ve been exploring in my after-school computer club.

So, as per usual, expect quite an eclectic assortment of topics to be found here.  I do have another job that I hope to be taking on over the summer while school is not in session, so that may throw another monkey-wrench into my posting schedule. But I’m hopeful that I will be better about writing here than I have been over the past several months.  I hope all is going well in your world – Enjoy!

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