November Wrap Up

I’m a couple days late, but I’m still in recovery from Thanksgiving ūüėĬ† I did get a flat tire on the way home, so that was kind of a bummer, otherwise the trip up to Utah for the holiday was great!¬† As for the blog, here’s how my November shaped up.¬† My top pages were:

  1. EVE Mission Running with 46 views
  2. EVE РHow To with 44 views
  3. Hellgate Mini-Game and other goodies a distant 3rd with 17 views
  4. Linux – still “ham radio” for your computer¬†with 12 views
  5.  Making A Tarot Deck rounding out the top 5 with 9 views

I did get some unusual referrals from search engine terms – in no particular order:

  • “tractor fun”¬† woohoo!
  • “dirty toons”¬† – really, I don’t want to know
  • “destroyer -conan -kiss” – hmm, maybe he needs to find some “dirty toons?”

The top search engine terms had all had the following subjects in common (in order, most to least)

  1. The Lemegeton ( I guess I really ought to add something informative about the Lemegeton)
  2. Hellgate London (esp. looking for mini-game rules)
  3. EVE Online info (lots of very specific inquiries about ship builds, survival, etc)

Goals for December are to actually get my “How To” videos made and posted to YouTube (and linked to from here)¬†concerning Tarot Construction; maybe I’ll actually post something else about the Lemegeton, since so many search engine folks are getting directed here for that kind of info; and I might even post some stuff about the game design/idea I’ve been playing around with for the last few years…¬† Oh, and I’d really like to do a couple more “Music List” style posts that I’ve had kicking about my head the last couple weeks¬†– one about a “Musical Tarot,” and another on “Music of Honor.”

As far as gaming goes, I’m still enjoying Warhammer very much, but I *DID* re-subscribe to LoTRO this month for a small change of pace once in awhile.¬† Although I’m starting to realize why I left LoTRO in the first place: progression is VERY SLOW and Grindy – bleh. But the world itself is so gorgeous I can’t help myself – LOL! Oh well, such¬†are the weaknesses of many gamers: ALT-itis where one flits from Tank to DPS to Healer, etc., and game Attention Deficit Syndrome, where you switch from game to game wildly looking for that “something missing” from the last game you played. (And, in fact, you may find that “something missing” fulfilled, only to find that now something “else” is missing… it’s a vicious¬†cycle, I’m tellin’ ya!)¬†

Oh well, I hope all is faring well in your world and as always, Enjoy!

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