Mid-Year roll-up

I can’t believe 2009 is already half over, but such is the nature of time – it just keeps on going without consideration toward any thing. It’s been an extraordinarily busy year for me so far, and I keep hoping that things will slow down to a dull roar, but so far I think things are actually getting busier as the year progresses.  Not a good thing for my mental nor physical well being, but in this kind of economic environment, I really have no room to complain.

On with the stats…  First I’ll do the June wrap-up, and if I’m still awake, I may try to tackle the 6-mo. roll up.

Top posts for June:

  1. Gardening Bug with 358 hits
  2. ScreenShots in a distant 2nd with only 72 hits
  3. Enochian Tablets… Building Your Own with 55 hits
  4. EVE Mission Running with 41 hits
  5. EVE – How To with 32 hits
  6. EVE Multibox Mining with 20 hits
  7. and Hellgate Mini-Game and other goodies rounding out the double digits with 14 hits

So, if I roll the three EVE posts into one, EVE actually comes in second with 93 hits…  EVE is always a popular subject, as is gardening and other DIY/How-To type posts.

Total hits for June were 878, down from May (which was my 2nd strongest month EVER with over 1,100 hits).

Total hits for the last 6 months: 4.225 (which takes me well beyond my total hits for 2008 which was 3,870)

So all-in-all I think things seem to be going pretty good with the blog, since I started it kind of as a little side project to renew my interest in writing, gaming, and other sundry hobbies.

As for gaming, I’m testing the waters in LOTRO again and it still isn’t really getting its hooks into me.  Battle Forge on the other hand has been a great diversion, but if new cards or maps are not soon forthcoming, I don’t see myself hanging out there much longer either.  I’ve been keeping up my training stints in EVE, but I haven’t really been actively playing there. That may change soon now that the luster of my fantasy MMO’s are starting to fade a bit.  I’m sure I’ll be back in Warhammer soon, but I’ll probably drop LOTRO permanently after this latest subscription expires.  

July is going to be another hectic month, with 4th of July coming up, a lot of work projects (of course), and I’m going to take a mini-vacation near the endof the month.  So there will be a lot of chaotic activity throughout the month.  Andof course with it being summer, I’ll be doing more things outdoors, or just trying to cool off in front of the AC.   Sitting in a room full of heat producing PC’s isn’t really appealing to me much, LOL.

I hope the first half of 2009 has been grand for you, and that the next six months will be fun and productive! Enjoy!

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