Musical Tarot – Makin’ Vids

A while back (2009) I wrote an entry associating Tarot Cards to pop-songs – actually I’ve done two entries on this topic.  I’ve decided to go ahead and try to actually make several YouTube “Video Collages” using the song-list I created earlier and images of various tarot decks in my collection.  Usually the images of the card are in alpha order for the decks I’m using.  Here is that list of decks:

Whew!   I think I got them all, but I may have missed a couple, there ARE a lot of different decks represented, and I’m not using my entire collection, that would just be too much! Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy the images and the music that I’m putting together.  You can check ’em out over on my YouTube page.  I’ve only got the first few done, but hopefully I’ll have the entire Major Arcana done before July.  Enjoy!

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