30-30 The Remix; Second Set (Day 11-20)

Continuing the “remix” of the 30-Days/30-Songs list, here are days 11-20:

11.  A Song You Think a 3rd Grader Could Have Written.  I’ve always thought Beetles songs were very simplistic and two in particular really fit the bill: “Love Me Do” and “Obladi, Oblada

12. Your Favorite Theme Song.  There are a few that I really like, the classic “Hawaii Five-O” and “Miami Vice” themes are pretty cool, but the one that has the most meaning for me, since the show released me from my bondage to organized religion is the theme from “Cosmos,” Carl Sagan, you are my life hero! I still get teary eyed whenever I listen to this song, it marks a truly spiritual metamorphosis in my life.

13. A Song that Reminds You of Your First Time. Hmm, well it was with a great guy and we’re still great friends (at least I’d like to think so) and it was an amazing summer, so I’m going to have to go with the B-52’s “Summer of Love

14. A Song that Makes You Feel Queer as a $3 Bill. Actually there are quite a few of these in my collection – just about anything by Pansy Division or the Violent Femmes.  But the one that takes the cake, and I really like this band, but this song is simply AWFUL!  It really gets on my nerves, I hate it, but it’s there, so here goes; “What’s Your Name” by Depeche Mode (OMG so bad!)

15. A Song that Makes You Feel Butch (Manly). Finally, something I can relate to!  As a member of the “gay community,” I never really bought into the whole worship of the hairless, youth centric “Church of Gay Boys” thing.  I’m gay ‘cuz I like men – real, burly, hairy, masculine men. And probably one of the best gay fronted groups out there that sums this up for me is Judas Priest, and this is a great one by them – “Turbo Lover” Make me think of “doing it” on a motorcycle speeding down the highway. After nosing around a bit on YT, I’ve changed my mind.  I actually think “Painkiller” just kicks way more ass.  If you’ve ever feel like you just got spanked and dunno why, it’s prolly ‘cuz someone just played this tune! 😀

16. A Song that Reminds You of Someone No Longer in Your Life. (Deceased?) I’d have to say my Father, since he passed away in 2008.  Around that time I came across this song and it always makes me cry. “Father, Son” by Peter Gabriel. Another tune that reminds me of past friends and usually brings a tear to my eyes is “Moments of Pleasure” by Kate Bush.

17. Your Favorite Song (or a Song from your Favorite Band) in High School.  This one is tough.  Several bands really stand out as my High School favorites; The Cars, Led Zeppelin, ELP, Pink Floyd, and Rush. I’ll probably have to go with The Cars, I probably had more of their music at the time.  And my favorite album by them was “Candy-O” and that’s the song I’ll pick too, I still love it! (the whole album)

18. A Song that Represents Who You Were in Your 20’s. I was a very angry young man. I had just “come out” of the closet and was protesting a lot where I lived (Salt Lake City). I joined “Queer Nation” an participated in several gay events. (Pride Parades/Festivals, Protests at the capitol building, protests near Temple Square, Lesbian & Gay Student Union [LGSU] at the UofU).  I was actually having a blast! I was happy, angry, hopeful, and excited all at the same time. I got my first “real job” working for National Semiconductor. My neighbor and fellow activist was dying of AIDS (David Sharpton), and a local PBS program “Remembering David” was aired soon after his death in 1992. It was a wild time and basically it was my “coming of age.” I don’t know that there’s a single song that encompasses all of that, so I’ll pick this rather nostalgic song that looks back on youth in a semi-somber way; “High Hopes” by Pink Floyd.

19. A Song that Represents Who You Were in Your 30’s. By the time I was in my 30’s, I was (sort of) settling down. I had begun working at what I thought was going to be my lifetime career at Intel Corp. I bought a house and I started gardening. And then in the last 3rd of my 30’s the proverbial shit hit the fan. I left my job at Intel due to incredulous corporate politics/silly office games (let’s just call it the ” ‘Anita/maBrooks Screw You’ Show”) & I tried to start a new business in Utah (which was actually doing quite well), when tenants totally trashed my house in Albuquerque (seriously – they had even ripped out all the carpet and it was sogging wet in the back yard – yippee!), so I had to sell the biz in Utah to partially fund repairs to and move back to the house in Albuquerque, and basically I’m still in recovery from all of that garbage. OY! So to sum up, here’s a tune that describes all that; “Terrible Lie” by Nine Inch Nails.

20. A Song that Reminds You of Summer. Just about anything by the Beach Boys reminds me of summer.  But I think this is one of my favorite Summertime tunes; “Surfin’ USA” by the Beach Boys.

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