Year In Review

I guess a blog wouldn’t be complete this time of year without some kind of “in review” post, so here goes. Even though my blog has only been around for the last 3 months or so, I’ve been mostly alive and kicking for the whole year. On the blog itself, the best day ever was back on November 8 with 261 hits, 244 of those on my post about the Hellgate Mini-Game – which is still, BY FAR, my most hit post every day.  Since then the stats have inevitably been … Continue reading

LOTRO Progress

LotRO seems to be going quite well.  Our group is all in their 30’s, although we just got one of our old guildies to sign up this week, so we’ll have some PL’ing to do or maybe we’ll get our alts out or something. But all-in-all it’s been going well.  The lack of coin seems to be going away, however there will definitely be a “BIG-HIT” to the pocket-book when we buy our horses.  I hear they’re over 4 gold, and I’ve just barely got 2 gold – and I’m … Continue reading

Music N Stuff

Well I’m back from my Xmas travels and I gave a lot of music this year which got me to thinking about music in LotRO; and why some of the “old” classics haven’t been ported over.  Most are very simple, catchy tunes that should port very well over to the ABC music format that LotRO uses.  Some that I’d really like to see would be some of the classic Herb Alpert tunes (Taste of Honey, Lonely Bull, Spanish Flea, etc.) A couple of his tunes were used for TV game … Continue reading

Holiday Prep-N-Go

As the holidays quickly approach I’m desperately trying to get things all wrapped up before heading to my folks house for Christmas. I -finally- got my cell modem working yesterday.  An XP service that monitors your modem connections had been disabled for some reason, but as soon as I got that turned back on, everything started working. I still haven’t upgraded my DSL to the 7Mbps so I don’t think I’ll be using my webified jukebox while I’m on the road. Darn… I watched the new EVE online trailer demo’ing their … Continue reading

My Thanksgiving In Retrospect

Well I had a great thanksgiving visiting my folks and family.  It’s a 600mi trek, but it’s a nice drive through scenic Southern Utah and seeing the relatives is always fun.  There were a few faux pas… My oldest sister wasn’t able to make it because she had gotten sick at school this week (she’s an Elementary School Teacher.) So that was kind of a bummer – especially since we get along with each other quite well.  Hopefully I will see her at Christmastime later this year. I’m planning to … Continue reading