Music, Halloween, and Random Thoughts

Halloween is my second favorite holiday of the year, just behind Christmas.  Even as an old fogey, I enjoy dressing up and heading out for the evening.  Although at my age, it’s usually to a local bar to pick up a drink, and probably no tricks, LOL.  Anyways, the season had me pulling out some of my “darker”  music CD’s to get me in the mood. 

I’ve been listening to Red Flag’s latest album; Born Again.  Certainly different from their “Russian Radio” days, but I like it. I’ve also got the following in 5-CD rototiller: Depeche Mode; Ultra, Sisters of Mercy; Floodland, Concrete Blonde; Recollection, and Pink Floyd; The Division Bell.  Not really “spooky” music, but it definitely has a darker edge to it.  

As for gaming, I’ve been participating in the Hellgate beta now for a few days (not just the demo, but the beta-test) and I must say that I still really enjoy it and will definitely buy the game, but I still stand by the faults that I noted in my last post.  I’m pretty sure that I won’t be participating in their multiplayer game. 

I’ve also been playing just a bit of DAoC and my gaming buddies will probably be joining me this weekend, since the HGL beta ends tomorrow, we’ll have to find something else to do until the game hits the shelves a week from today.   We’ve been playing Hibernia this time around.   It’s been pretty interesting, shroomers (Animist class), Vamps (Vampires), and Eldritch seem to be very powerful at low levels, but we hear they’re kind of gimped at upper levels.  We’ll see, for now we’re totally decimating the Lvl-20-24 battleground (Level limited PvP – realm vs. realm area), Thidranki.  Esp. compared to our old familiar Albion toons. Although some of our Albs seem pretty over-the-top now, too, with the recent changes made to some of the classes (Friars, Smite Clerics, and Heretics).  Oh well, too many classes and fun times for me! 

I guess that’s it for this post.  Kind of random and disjointed, I know, but I  felt it would be good to get something out there and not totally abandon the blog for weeks on end, oy!  Maybe I’ll have something truly interesting to write about over the weekend (don’t hold your breath!)

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