Fiesta Time!

What a busy week!  It’s Balloon Fiesta here in Albuquerque, as I said in my last post. And my folks have been visiting, which has been very nice as well.  I’ve been playing tour guide most of the week, and we will try to go to another “mass ascension” tomorrow.  Hopefully I will get some pics up sometime this weekend.  I’ve already taken well over 100 photos just from yesterday’s “Special Shapes Rodeo/Ascension.”

In gaming, we’re (my guild-mates and I) still playing Dark Age of Camelot, but we’ve switched over to the Midgard realm.  As I think I’ve mentioned before, I’ve played there a bit before, but never taken a toon “all the way” to 50.  Maybe this time.  I’ve got a good start on a Thane, Bonedancer, and a Cave Shaman.  We’ll just have to see how it pans out.  So far, I actually prefer to play the Thane or Shaman – which is kind of odd as I usually prefer to play a “pet class,” like the Bonedancer.

My folks also brought some of the boxes I had in storage in their sheds, so I now have most of my holiday decor for Halloween and Christmas – woohoo!  I immediately put up some of the Halloween stuff and found the makings of a good “Grim Reaper” style costume, so maybe I’ll actually do something a bit more festive this year than just shutting off the lights out front while gaming, LOL. 

That may be a tall order, since Hellgate London is scheduled to be released on Halloween and our entire guild is all a-gaggle over it.  Even though it’s not an MMO, we do enjoy a good solo-game when they’re released.  And it looks to be quite a nice game, I hope we’re not disappointed.

In other news, I bought my first Christmas present today.  I was touring the parents through “Old Town” Albuquerque and found a great gift for my sister.  I think she’ll enjoy it quite a bit.  I also spied something I’d like to get for my Mom, but since she was right there, I’ll have to try and get down there some other time to pick it up.  I doubt they would ever read this blog, but one never knows so I guess I won’t post my shopping results – maybe after the holiday, if I’m still blogging by then and I remember.  My memory is about as sharp as damp oatmeal, so I wouldn’t really count on it. 

And it was “National Coming Out Day” Yesterday, but I completely forgot as I was so busy doing the whole balloon fiesta, entertain the parents for the day around town etc.  Oh well, does going to dinner with my folks and my semi-ex-boyfriend-but-still-good-friend-whatever count?  Yeah, that situation is odd, but I guess I’m just an odd-guy.  Oh well, everyone else seems to think I’m mostly OK, so I’ll just roll with it. 

Enough rambling, I gotta get to bed so I can get up at 5AM to do another Balloon Fiesta event in the morning.  I also need to remind myself that I was going to blog this week about my new Red Flag CD and also something about my cats, but that’ll just have to wait until after the tour-guide gig is done, I guess.  Sunday I’ll be taking the folks out to one of the Indian Pueblos and maybe I’ll have something on that subject as well.  Anyways, I’d really better hit the sack – goodnight!

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