Grand Lenormand in Translation – Part 12: Five – Eight of Hearts

Here is my next installment of my translation from the French meanings for these cards. As always, anything in [ brackets ] are ‘aside notes’ where I comment on odd turns of phrase or other translation issues where it’s not clear what the meaning is. In any event, I hope you find the information useful. The next installment (hopefully in the next week or two) will finish off the card meanings. After that, there about 10 pages describing a few methods of divination with the cards, and then the translation will be complete! Enjoy!

Five of Hearts[ Group: The Unforeseen ]

This card represents emotional setbacks. It encourages prudence in your relations and to be on your guard against possible misconceptions.

The Letter N
: Cleverness, Strategy, Sociability

Floral Arrangement: Sorrel, Lichen
Interpretation: You want to change everything and take a new direction in your life. Don’t act on a whim, however don’t end up doing nothing in the slightest either.

Large Subject: Two gentlemen of different nationalities are received by the king.
Interpretation: Benefits will be conferred and you may begin conducting business at a very high level. You may even begin a desired relationship with foreign countries. However, you need to be careful with letters you send.

Bottom Right Subject: A planter containing an orange in flower.
Interpretation: Your place for routine business will serve your friends, family, and yourself. Altogether, your business will get better and better, but with that your responsibilities will grow increasingly heavy.

Bottom Left Subject: A chained falcon.
Interpretation: Within a narrow margin of freedom, you need to negotiate for your best interests. The current period is favorable to others, but you can wisely manage your business affairs to reverse the situation.

Constellation: Leo [ The Lion ]
Interpretation: A beautiful change

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Like the gentlemen, you will need to negotiate with tact and a willingness toward conciliation. It is necessary and preferable for you to treat your business affairs with competence,

[ The next phrase is odd; literally – ‘violence only brings risk of rupture’ but I would interpret that as an idiom for ‘coming on too strong’ risks losing everything. ]

Six of Hearts [ Group: Alchemy ]

This card represents the work and sacrifices that must be done before reaching a goal. Accept a compromises and keep working [toward your goal] accordingly.

The Letter I
: Inspiration, Idealism, Availability

Floral Arrangement: Interlaced Ivy and Lilies, Sage flowers, and French Rose
Interpretation: Life is made of positive and negative cycles. For now, you will surely find yourself in a positive cycle, awash in waves of splendor.

Large Subject: The alchemist observes with satisfaction the material changing into gold.
Interpretation: You will be rewarded for your patience which will grant you a certain boost which will propel you to success after success. Additionally, this card can foretell a long life.

Bottom Right Subject: An old man at the feet of a young woman, her fortune and title.
Interpretation: This card represents a union which elevates you to the very top of your standard of living. It can also represent a senior who will be of great help and largely devoted to your work.

Bottom Left Subject: A man discusses the future with a rich older woman.
Interpretation: You are going to receive an interesting and satisfying proposition. Neither age nor social status will interfere with your work. On the contrary, very often experience and age become assets.

Constellation: Aries [ The Ram ]
Interpretation: Goals finally achieved.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Like the alchemist, with hard work and perseverance you will attain the goal you’re working toward. All of the effort and passion that you have put into your work will earn you rewards and success.

Seven of Hearts [ Group: Alchemy ]

This card represents the realization of all of your dreams of love, without any problems at all. Equally, it can foretell great wisdom and inner peace.

The Letter C
: Expression, Creativity, Originality

Floral Arrangement: Dahlia, Bindweed, Snowdrops
Interpretation: You truly have a cult of friendship, nothing is more important to you. Moreover, you believe this way of life brings you balance.

Large Subject: The alchemist introduces a solvent into the philosopher’s lamp.
Interpretation: You learn by chance that someone has profound feelings for you, about which you have known absolutely nothing. In the end, this person ends up marrying someone else.

Bottom Right Subject: A postman brings a package to a young woman.
Interpretation: You will receive an unexpected gift or better, a visit from someone you really enjoy. Without a doubt, your house will be filled with joy and happiness in the coming days.

Bottom Left Subject: A mailman gives a letter to a man.
Interpretation: You may soon receive news that will not please you, or you find downright unpleasant and annoying. This news immerses you in a climate of temporary uneasiness.

Constellation: Sextans [ The Sextant ]
Interpretation: New Encounters

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Just like the alchemist full of action, you too must keep moving, receiving news, letters, and visitors In all of this action, surprises of all sorts will be found both on the personal level as well as the professional.


Eight of Hearts [ Group: The Unforeseen ]

This card represents both joy and disappointment on a purely personal level. Equally, it can mean a time where it will be necessary to let go.

The Letter R
: Emotions, Idealism, Understanding

Floral Arrangement: Willow, Daphne
Interpretation: You’re spending your time of nostalgia by losing yourself in your artistic and creative passions. You have your reasons, it will do you good.

Large Subject: Over a pond we see an eagle taking a toad.
Interpretation: It’s well known, the misfortune of one is the happiness of another. You will be concealing your joy, but your happiness will be great. Also, the people that bothered you yesterday, will leave you alone today.

Bottom Right Subject: A woman collects herself in front of a tomb.
Interpretation: You absolutely must separate yourself from someone or change your way of life if you want to realize your ambitions and follow your destiny. Equally, a distant affection or friendship may cause you sorrow.

Bottom Left Subject: A flame hovers above a tombstone.
Interpretation: Someone will get a gift or an inheritance. You don’t expect such a gift, however this person will make a gesture that you will always remember.

Constellation: Aldebaran
Interpretation: Goals finally attained.

[ NOTE: there is no constellation ‘Aldebaran’ – however it is one of the brightest stars in the Northern Hemisphere it is red in tint and is known as the ‘bull’s eye’ in the constellation Taurus ]

Overall Interpretation of the Card

The eagle has always symbolized the ability to travel through time. It foretells that your situation will change for the better in all areas. Your future will be more serene and include far fewer difficulties, not to mention the pleasant surprises awaiting you.


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  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for the comment 🙂 I haven’t made any new submissions to iStock yet. I’ve been super busy lately, but I’m hoping to get some photo work done soon. I’ve been trying to work on my macro technique, and that’s been mostly a lot of flowers, which iStock currently isn’t accepting. I may try to get a blog entry on the macro stuff though…

  3. Thank you for posting the translation. I am busy to transalte Your transpation to Dutch and kwnow how much work you have with this work.
    Behalve of transpating the cards in English, do you describe patorn of laying the cards also?

  4. Thanks so much for all your hard work here…..just amazing to me.all the things you do and find time for. I have Persephone’s soul mate…..they look just alike and his name is Peter. You sound like an Aries….like me….you know, “let me outta here….too many people”… here we all are now standing with our noses to the window to see when the next installment, #13, arrives… the little train going uphill…..”youcandoit, youcandoit, youcandoit” (I hope),

    Have a wonderful 2014 Christmas and New Year!

    Ruby Jewell

  5. Hi, Thank you a lot for that. I t helps me in my recent study of this deck. I would like to ask about language of flowers in those days and what is the letters and the dots. I am trying understand the sources of meanings that are in each card.

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