A few bumps during the move…

Apparently when I moved the blog over to this domain I lost all my stats.  Bummer, since the blog has been around for over five years.  I did put in a help-request, but I’m skeptical that I’ll ever recover the stats from my old blog over on wordpress.com  🙁

In other news, I’m experimenting with doing some ‘How-To’ videos over on YouTube.  For now I’m concentrating on making some photography videos, but eventually I would also like to make some pertaining to gardening, web-design/programming, and maybe some occult topics.  I’ve only uploaded one video so far, I’m hoping to do at least one a month, hopefully more.  My first video is how to take ‘Product Shots‘ without the use of anything special, just a Point-N-Shoot camera and household props/effects.

Some more of my lobelia flowers have come into bloom last week, so I may do something on macro photography next.  I really want to get some shots of those flowers before the Las Vegas heat gets the best of them.  And macro photography is pretty easy to do with a few inexpensive gadgets. Well, except for the camera itself – that’s kinda pricey 🙂

Another ‘thing’ I’m exploring is creating an ‘Amazon Store’ on this website. I’m not really sure how it works yet, but it seems like it might be a good fit to feature the things I use in the videos, how much/little they cost, and an easy way to get them. We’ll see if that ever happens and if I can make it look nice.  Others (My older sister and some folks in a blogger MeetUP group here in LV) keep saying I need to look into ‘AdSense’ as well.  It seems like it might be cool, but I wouldn’t want it to detract at all from what I’m writing about.  I wanna keep the blog fun and easy going, not turn it into ‘just another job.’

Hopefully this new site will create positive vibes – Enjoy!


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  1. Woot! The folks over at wordpress.org were able to help me with a redirection issue I was having, and those over at wordpress.com were able to migrate my old stats for me, so now everything seems to be working! I’m a very happy camper 😀

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