Settling in…

The blog has been here at its new location for a week now, and things seem to be working the way they were back on  They were able to migrate my stats, so I now have access to all of my statistics back to 2007 when I started this blog.  The new website seems to be stable, and my little experiments with AdSense and those Amazon Stores seem to be working.

I’ve tried to make a couple more videos for my YouTube channel.  One was on macro photography and it was SO BAD! LOL – I’m going to have to do it over again, you can’t hear a word I’m saying because; a) I don’t talk very loud, and b) I was standing a bit away from the video camera.  I’m hoping to have a new, yet inexpensive camcorder next week that will take an external mic.  I think that will boost my audio quality significantly.  The camera I’m using now is probably older than this blog – it IS ‘Digital’ but it uses 8mm tapes, not flash/SD storage – and it doesn’t have a mic jack either 🙁

So, in the mean time, I set up my D7000 to do some time-lapse last night and I think it worked out OK.  I ran it from about 7PM to 11:30PM and got some jet and star trails.  I’m hoping to get it uploaded later today. And then I’ll try to write a ‘How To’ over here as well.

OH! And I’m also really hoping to get the next installment of my translation of the Grand Lenormand book done sometime over the weekend too!  Looks like I’ll be busy! 🙂

I hope you’re weekend is great! Enjoy!

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