Year In Review

I guess a blog wouldn’t be complete this time of year without some kind of “in review” post, so here goes. Even though my blog has only been around for the last 3 months or so, I’ve been mostly alive and kicking for the whole year.

On the blog itself, the best day ever was back on November 8 with 261 hits, 244 of those on my post about the Hellgate Mini-Game – which is still, BY FAR, my most hit post every day.  Since then the stats have inevitably been creeping back down to a lowly 10-20 views per day. A distant second place are views of my ScreenShots page, which is in dire need of some revision.  Hopefully I’ll get that addressed some time in 2008.

Gaming this past year has been rather “grab-bag.”  I think I started the year out playing WoW’s Burning Crusade, then I moved back to DAoC for awhile.  Over the Summer I was mostly playing EVE Online, and then I did a short stint in Hellgate and have now moved on to LotRO. A lot of that moving around was precipitated by gaming friends of mine, while we’re thrashing around trying to find something to tide us over until Warhammer comes out.

Predictions for this coming year would be that our group of gamers will actually cap-out in LotRO, then we’ll thrash around a bit because Warhammer still won’t be out, so we’ll probably test the waters with Pirates of the Burning Sea and Conan. And I’ll probably go back to EVE for awhile, maybe even DAoC to brush up on my RvR, and then we’ll all get into Warhammer, be totally ticked off by the “day-of-release blues” that plague each and every new MMO out there.  But we’ll stick with it for awhile and see where it takes us.  By this time it will be 2009. Yay!

Other projects. I may actually get my game design for an Egyptian mythos inspired game close to marketable. I’m hoping to write up some “how-to” instructions for setting up your own LAN/web-based jukebox.  It’s working great so far, I can’t imagine not having my entire music library available at the click of a mouse – it’s awesome! I do need to acquire a large HD or two to do some backups – mainly for all of those mp3’s that I’ve got on my web jukebox (20+gigs worth).  So much work to do and so little time/$ to do it with, oy!  I’ll probably be doing a lot more blogging about gardening once springtime hits. I’d also like to write up another DIY “how to” doc on how to set up ponds, fountains, and streams. I worked with all three last season and I would’ve loved to have more step-by-step info on how to do it, or at least to have it all centralized…  Guess that’s about it, hope y’all have an awesome new year!

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