Grand Lenormand in Translation – Part 13: Nine – King of Hearts

I apologize for taking so long in getting this installment published – I have been super busy at work. Hopefully I will be able to get the final installment out quicker. This section finishes out the listing of the cards and their meanings. The last (very short) section deals with four of the more popular spreads that can be used with this deck. Enjoy!


Nine of Hearts [ Group: The Zodiac ]

This card represents secret dreams realized. It also foretells that all of your wishes can materialize very quickly.

The Letter P
: Logic, Reason, Equity

Floral Arrangement: Lilac, Arum, Imortelle (Everlasting, Helichrysum)
Interpretation: You need to harmonize your surroundings with your heart, and anything goes; decorating, landscaping, etc. At the same time, don’t forget to adjust your lifetime relationships.

Large Subject: In the forest of Nemi, Hercules subdues a lion leaving a cave.
Interpretation: You will be given the opportunity to acquire power, it is up to you to use it wisely and with diplomacy. Your work and courage will bring a kind of popularity. Your efforts will pay off.

Bottom Right Subject: Napoleon gives a medal of honor to a soldier.
Interpretation: Your achievements will soon be grandly recognized. Honor and compensation await you. Financial gain will follow, but not for several weeks. Your renown will permit you to be patient.

Bottom Left Subject: The mayor crowns a Rosiere. [This is a French custom/rite ]
Interpretation: Unexpected events will come to fill your heart with joy and happiness. Recognition of your unique talents and abilities will top it all off. Your skills will be recognized.

Constellation: Regulus
Interpretation: It represents your projects being realized.

Global Interpretation of the Card

Like Hercules facing the lion, you will find the strength to overcome. You should never lose hope or be discouraged. You must have self confidence and fight for what is yours. Thanks to your skill and abilities, you will triumph.

Ten of Hearts [ Group: Alchemy ]

This card represents a new cycle full of promise, happiness, and profound joy. It can also portend good news.

The Letter E
: Mobility, Curiosity, Change

Floral Arrangement: Violet, Mock Orange, May Rose
Interpretation: Don’t waste your moments of happiness by being too nostalgic. Even if you’re in a state of mind, cast away your sad thoughts and force yourself to change.

Large Subject: The alchemist, arms crossed, considers the whiteness crowning the matter.
Interpretation: This card represents a very young woman, because the whiteness is synonymous with the feminine. But it can also represent a young man with plans about to hatch. It can also highlight an emerging love affair.

Bottom Right Subject: A young woman embroidering seated in her bedroom.
Interpretation: It is indisputable that you have a gift for the arts or learning. You will need a little perseverance to come into your own, but you will succeed. Even if you lack the funds to pursue [ your art or education ], you will soon find a solution.

Bottom Left Subject: A young woman plays the piano.
Interpretation: You will find yourself in an artistic profession, in which you will find full self expression of yourself. Your ability in this area is enormous, you must follow this path.

Constellation: The Cup [ The Crater ]
Interpretation: It represents new possibilities for you.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Like the alchemist who contemplates his work, you will become one of the people that others admire. Know how to take a step back from this situation and keep a cool head. Don’t fall for an exaggerated admiration from another person.

Jack of Hearts [ Group: The Zodiac ]

This card represent a young man full of good intentions. Often it also represent a young blond man very in love [ or amorous ].

The Letter I
: Emotions, Realism, Approachable

Floral Arrangement: Fuchsia, Duckweed, Chaff [ actually a type of grass, not seed cases: Lolium temulentum, the darnel ]
Interpretation: You have within you, without know it, a priceless treasure. This treasure is your intuition. Hey! Stop doubting yourself and finally trust yourself.

Large Subject: Jupiter, with the head of a ram, shows the god Bacchus a spring where he can drink.
Interpretation: This card represents a very young man with light hair. Equally, it can represent protection and much joy around you. But beware, it could also simply mean speaking of your beloved.

Bottom Right Subject: A Horn of Plenty (Cornucopia)
Interpretation: You will meet luck and fate. Your material goods will accumulate and you will be free from need. If you are in need, someone will come to your rescue or help you.

Bottom Left Subject: Moths fly around a lit candle.
Interpretation: Sweet talkers surround you. Do not succumb to their artificial paradise, none of their promises will stand the test of time. In times like these, only count on yourself.

Constellation: Corona Borealis
Interpretation: It announces the arrival of expected help.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Like Jupiter helping Bacchus, your friends around you will not fail to assist you. They are sincere, efficient, and not interested in rewards. But at the same time, be careful of their proposals.

Queen of Hearts [ Group: The Zodiac]

This card represents a very loving woman who can be caring and protective. Often it can represent a mature, blond woman [over 40 years old].

The Letter E
: Inspiration, Adaptation, Intelligence

Floral Arrangement: Rock Rose [cistus], Poppy, Lilac
Interpretation: You are like a fine wine, you get better with age. It’s true that you have a real artistic ability. Now is the time to use it.

Large Subject: Jupiter points out to Astraea [his daughter by Themis], her rightful place in heaven.
Interpretation: This card represents a young blonde or light haired woman, generous and very dedicated. This person can give you some useful protection. But beware, this card can simply represent your beloved.

Bottom Right Subject: A young woman in front of a pipe organ.
Interpretation: The least one can say is that you are very inspired at the moment. Take in this sweet harmony and indulge your thoughts, because it would be a shame not to enjoy such precious moments.

Bottom Left Subject: A nun contemplates a bird of paradise.
Interpretation: Your thoughts are pure and serene, they can bring enlightenment. Don’t search to rebuild your life in your head. Instead, allow purity to drive your meditation.

Constellation: Coma Berenices
Interpretation: It represents the qualities of heart.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Like Astraea, you will soon be surrounded by kindness and sympathy which will touch on your sensibilities. People will naturally come to you to offer their sympathy. A feminine presence will also demonstrate her quality of heart.

King of Hearts [ Group: The Unforeseen ]

This card represents a loving and caring man. It can also represent a blond or light-haired man over the age of 40.

The Letter V
: Mastery, Analysis, Practical Sense

Floral Arrangement: Thrush, Marshmallow, Cherry leaves & fruits
Interpretation: You are the person to whom one turns to confide in or tell their little problems. This is a very good thing, but be very careful to remain neutral.

Large Subject: A meditating old man, seated at a table.
Interpretation: This card represents a blond man with the wisdom of age. It represents maturity, experience, and knowledge. His advice will always be wise and useful. It can also represent any aged person.

Bottom Right Subject: A lectern on which sits a bible.
Interpretation: You are in an extremely calm period. This will change with the meeting of someone with high aspirations. You will exit this period flat.

Bottom Left Subject: A lectern on which sits the Laws of Solon
Interpretation: You will increase by tenfold your energy to assert yourself and take the opportunity to demonstrate your intelligence. Additionally, you may be put in contact with a lawyer or scientist.

Constellation: Triangulum [ The Triangle ]
Interpretation: It foretells that your perseverance will be rewarded.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

You will surely meet a thoughtful man who listens to others, like the one pictured on this card. In any event, it represents a masculine presence in your surroundings which will always be there when needed and will provide comfort to you if the need arises.


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