Grand Lenormand – Part 7: 9-King Diamonds

I thought I’d have this portion done over the weekend, but I had a “pet emergency” that took up a lot of time. My six year old cat, Percy, had lost a lot of weight and I was concerned that she might have cancer. So I took her to the vet Friday morning, and thankfully she did not have cancer, but she does have diabetes – SO I had to learn how to administer insulin twice a day and put her on a special diet. Honestly, I was pretty much a wreck over the weekend (she had to stay overnight at the vet Friday while they tried to get her blood sugar down and test here insulin receptivity, etc). Anyways, I’ve got pretty good with giving the shots, and it’s actually MUCH easier than when I’ve had to force a pill down. Things are now routine and we’ll just take things as they come. Anyways, here’s the next installment of my Grand Lenormand translation:

9 of Diamonds [Group: The Golden Fleece]

This card represents promotions and career changes. It prepares you to seize opportunities for positive advancement in your new life.

The Letter N
: Energy, Adaptation, Organization

Floral Arrangement: Carthare [no translation], Juniper, Bindweed [wild morning glory]
Interpretation: In difficult times, you can only count on yourself. So don’t fear trusting in yourself because in the end you will triumph over obstacles.

Large Subject: The Argonauts embark on the ship Argo for Colchis.
Interpretation: This card represents travel and movement. You will have to take a trip in the near future [lit. in some time]. It is likely to grant you happiness and joy.

Bottom Right Subject: The Argonauts carry their ship.
Interpretation: The trip you have scheduled may be cancelled or delayed. Therefore, expect last minute changes which may annoy you or upset your plans.

Bottom Left Subject: The Argonauts receiving food.
Interpretation: The trip you have scheduled will give you great satisfaction. Expect to have a very good time relaxing, and taking pleasure. You will even find tasks interesting.

Constellation: Delphinus – The Dolphin
Interpretation: It represents courage and energy.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like the Argonauts who embark on the Argo for the destination of Colchis, it will be the same for you. You will travel or move for work or pleasure. Before leaving, be sure there are no changes along the way and you will be close to attaining your goal.

10 of Diamonds [Group: The Golden Fleece]

This card represents accomplishment, a cycle which ends well, both intellectually and materially. It also represents movement.

The Letter D
: Decisiveness, Determination, Willpower

Floral Arrangement: Borage, Red Carnation, Tulip
Interpretation: You are too impressionable, and as usual, you have taken bad advice. Despite this mistake, good luck will bring you back on the right track.

Large Subject: In a palace, Pelias gives advice to Jason.
Interpretation: This card represents travel, but it also represents a bold undertaking that will demand considerable courage and ability in your conduct. Travel abroad is favored.

Bottom Right Subject: The architect Argus draws the plans for the ship Argo.
Interpretation: Travel, and still more travel, seemingly always travelling. If you have any proposals in that sense, make it a point to accept because they are good omens for your future.

Bottom Left Subject: Jason listens to the wood at the foot of the Dodona forest.
Interpretation: Stop worrying and instead listen to your intuition. As needed, go relax in the forest or better yet, engage in meditation. In any event, find the most effective way for serious contemplation.

Constellation: Leo Minor
Interpretation: It represents a quite satisfying change.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like Jason taking charge of a mission he will lead to the end, you must contemplate and weigh the pros and the cons before you invest. Know that any action you take will lead you directly to success. Don’t refuse any proposal, invest completely.

Jack of Diamonds [Group: The Trojan War]

This card represents a messenger that brings you good news either written or verbally. Additionally, it can represent a young light-haired man under the age of 30.

The Letter T
: Collaboration, Diplomacy, Efficiency

Floral Arrangement: Dordatia, Balsam [Impatiens Balsamina], Cup & Saucer vine [Cobaea Scandens]

[NOTE: I can only find extremely obscure references in botanical writing to anything concerning “dordatia” One refers to a type of Eucryphia, and the other to a type of Calceolaria. The pics of Eucryphia seem to be a better match to me. Maybe someone more familiar with Old French would know what Dardatia actually refers to?]

Interpretation: Art is in your soul, you must put your creativity to work painting, drawing, or in music. You can’t wait to express yourself.

Large Subject: Ulysses disguised as a merchant, in search of Achilles in Lycomedes’ court.
Interpretation: This card represents a young man, intelligent and cunning. It also represents communication or messages that may be revealed to you. All that is certain is that you will be helped in your pursuits.

Bottom Right Subject: A line of armed soldiers.
Interpretation: It is essential that you do not underestimate your opponents. If you do, it will be at your own risk and peril. Be very attentive and sly, and you can defeat your opponents on their own ground.

Bottom Left Subject: Juno on a cloud.
Interpretation: You will benefit from the help or moral support of those around you. Truly, this is not the time to lose your self-confidence. Fight! Win! Show what you’re capable of.

Constellation: Argo’s Mast [Malus – no longer recognized, now part of Pyxis]
Interpretation: It announces new objectives.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like Ulysses, you will act with intelligence and courage. Likewise, you will benefit from powerful protection which will permit you to win. Don’t be afraid of criticism for using your whole range of abilities to triumph, because it’s the only way to act.

Queen of Diamonds [Group: The Trojan War]

This card represents a rich woman, usually gifted in business. She enjoys a very high social status. It can also represent a blond woman.

The Letter O
: Possessiveness, Jealousy, Dependence

Floral Arrangement: Geranium, Horehound, Daffodil [none of those look like a daffodil to me]
Interpretation: Not all that glitters is gold, therefore beware of proposals or gifts that seem too good to be true. Surround yourself with great protection.

Large Subject: The Gods and Goddesses attend the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. Eris throws the golden apple of discord, upon which is written: “To the fairest”
Interpretation: This card represents a foreign woman. She could be a business woman, or very energetic. It can also represent quarrels and disputes.

Bottom Right Subject: Paris presents an apple to Venus.
Interpretation: One can say that you are currently the focal point of a number of people. One prefers you very much to the others. Many pleasant attentions will be made toward you.

Bottom Left Subject: A snake around a tree devours birds in their nest.
Interpretation: You must protect yourself from gossip or personal vendettas. You might even suffer a betrayal coming from someone in whom you had total confidence. Remain on your guard and pay attention.

Constellation: Draco [The Dragon]
Interpretation: It represents upheaval in your projects.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like the goddess Eris who arrives to provoke discord at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, you may suffer from some gossip by your friends. Protect well your professional and personal life, shelter yourself from jealousy.

King of Diamonds [Group: The Unseen]

This card represents a man of great character and great success in business. It can also represent a blond man over 40 years old.

The Letter J
: Loyalty, Responsibility, Intelligence

Floral Arrangement: Orange Blossoms, Tea Rose, Larkspur
Interpretation: Obstacles which have prevented you from expressing your creative passions will finally allow you time to express yourself.

Large Subject: Minerva [Athena] receives Gadmos [Hermes] who informs her of the invasion of snakes that threaten the Isle of Rhodes, while offering her a vase. [I’m unsure why the book suddenly switched to Roman myth-names instead of the Greek ones used up until this point]
Interpretation: This card represents a foreign man in his prime, ambitious, active, and gifted. It can also represent a stranger who will help you on your way.

Bottom Right Subject: A sow eats fruit that a crow has dropped.
Interpretation: A modest person, but of quality, will come to help or assist you in your current efforts. They will seek your approval and to provide your total satisfaction.

Bottom Left Subject: A Scarab, wing out, sits on the finger of a young woman.
Interpretation: You will conduct business or exchange services with people who are not thinking of making a profit. Even if this is solely based on shared interests, do not neglect it because it will be worth your while.

Constellation: Volans [The Flying Fish]
Interpretation: It brings patience and wisdom.

Overall Interpretation of the Card
Like Gadmos [Hermes] who warns Minerva [Athena] to be vigilant, you will also need to pay attention to proposals and friendships given too easily. Know that nothing is done altruistically, there are always hidden interests.


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  1. I have so enjoyed going through your translations to date. I don’t speak or read french (yet!) but wanted to learn so that I’d be able to enjoy many of their cartomancy books! Lol

    I’ve tried to translate some info online about the Grand Lenormand, but it was bare bones. I have earnestly wanted to crack these cards for a couple of years and then tonight I found your wonderful writings!!! So exciting! I hope you will continue with your translations and research.

    Also hope your dear cat is doing better. I know what it’slike to worry about them.

    Best wishes, Dowgill

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