Grand Lenormand in Translation – Part 11: Ace – Four of Hearts

Hmm – Well I goofed up the image for the Ace of Hearts, not exactly sure what happened there, but you get the idea [NOTE – somehow the move from fixed the image for the Ace, cool!] – now on to the translation:


of the cards:



Ace of Hearts [ Group: The Unforeseen ]

This card represents the home, the couple, or the family. In addition, it declares new loves or strong relations in the future.

The Letter Z
: Organization, Power, Inspiration

Floral Arrangement: Emerging rosebud, banana, boxwood
Interpretation: Here is a period that seems neutral, because nothing interesting is happening. It’s the humdrum of daily living. Take this opportunity to reassess yourself.

Large Subject: Danaus is surrounded by his fifty daughters, the Danaides.
Interpretation: This card symbolizes the home, family, or a family reunion. It indicates that certain events will happen at your home. If, however, you are looking for a home, this card will help you.

Bottom Right Subject: The interior of a church, where the faithful pray.
Interpretation: Even if your mother has influence over you, you can say that you have created a very solid family. Peace and serenity are emanating in extremely simple ways.

Bottom Left Subject: A censer burning incense.
Interpretation: Your family truly seems very disjointed right now. Confusion reigns between different parties. The atmosphere is not light, but instead consists of quarrels. Now is the time to find out why.

Constellation: The Milky Way
Interpretation: It brings a happy event.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Danaus has the power to make peace, joy, and happiness around him. The card often brings good news about the family concerning births or marriage. It is not uncommon to enable reconciliation within family conflicts.

Two of Hearts [ Group: The Unforeseen ]

This card represents quite simply two hearts united. Additionally it brings equilibrium and harmony between couples or partner.

The Letter Y
Independence, Sensibility, Discretion

Floral Arrangement: Hyacinth, Double Violet, Sea Weed [or Ficus/Rubber Tree]
Interpretation: You can be proud of yourself and look straight ahead because you have done well to follow your own path without being drawn aside by tempting offers.

[Note the last flower is listed as ‘fucus’ – which is a type of sea weed, but it may just be a misspelling of ficus, which could be one of many types of fig tree; ficus, fiddle leaf, rubber tree, etc.]

Large Subject: A covey of partridge in a meadow is stopped by a dog.
Interpretation: This card represents disinterest. Often it means fidelity for either a man or a woman. If you have plans with others, everything will be in your favor and you will succeed in achieving your goals.

Bottom Right Subject: A jet of water in a fountain.
Interpretation: This is not the time to give in to weakness. Do not allow yourself to be overly influenced by the judgment of others. All of the maneuvers around you are essentially being made to flatter you.

Bottom Left Subject: A hermit sits in front of his hut.
Interpretation: You are firm in your decisions and convictions. Flattery has no hold over you. The least one can say is that you are incorruptible. Your integrity in your view is something very important.

Constellation: Bootes [The Herdsman]
Interpretation: Gratitude and sincerity.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Throughout time, the image of the dog always represents fidelity. So it helps to give you peace and serenity. This will allow you to moderately adjust to your problems without upset, and remaining calm. This serenity allows you to rediscover yourself.

Three of Hearts [ Group: The Unforeseen ]

This card represents a creative project. It can also mean a relationship that could lead to creativity or positive associations.

The Letter F: Responsibility, Adaptation, Amiability

Floral Arrangement: Elderflower, Bay Laurel, and Papyrus
Interpretation: Former enemies seek to become friends. What a turnaround! Obstacles and difficulties give way to great hopes.

Large Subject: A baboon holding a roll of paper, writes with the aid of a stick.
Interpretation: Considered the best in the deck, this card cancels bad prognostics and considerably augments the good. It brings immense occult and spiritual protection, not to mention the inspiration it provides.

Bottom Right Subject: A young knight before a burning branch of laurel.
Interpretation: Opportunity is knocking at your door. Your quality will be put forward and you will obtain the rewards. You will benefit from a prosperous time which allows you to shine in your chosen field.

Bottom Left Subject: A young man looks at a sundial, part of which is in the shade.
Interpretation: You are surely dismayed to sit in the shadows, despite your qualities. You just have to wait a little longer because in a short while, opportunity will come knocking on your door. But in the meantime, be a little patient.

Constellation: Pegasus
Interpretation: Liberty and Independence

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Like the baboon, intelligently and calmly analyze every situation, so you can in all moderation make a decision without being premature. In any event, this card indicates that you need to take time to study all the facts with logic.

Four of Hearts [ Group: The Zodiac ]

This card represents difficult decisions to be made in business, personal, or financial respects. Do not rush to make your decisions.

The Letter P
: Emotions, Amiability, Adaptation

Floral Arrangement: Safflower, Pondweed, Bulrush
Interpretation: After throwing a tantrum you may find it necessary to restore order to your affairs. This reorganization is needed anyway.

Large Subject: Venus and Amour pass by in the Euphrates on the backs of dolphins.
Interpretation: This card represents adultery. In personal matters, you should not make a hasty decision. Lightning bolts are often just flashes in the pan. On the professional level, beware of bad advice.

Bottom Right Subject: A sentry standing guard in front of a ship.
Interpretation: Your companions have an unfortunate tendency to support those who can get you in trouble. Know this and do what is needed to avoid being disturbed in your affairs.

Bottom Left Subject: A man on the arm of a woman gives a secret letter to another woman.
Interpretation: You are disturbed that your personal life is not simple. You will need to make a choice between two women, be careful not to find yourself alone if you cannot make a choice.

Constellation: Cygnus
Interpretation: Inconsiderate and aggressive acts.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Like Venus and Amour, your personal life is troubled. Passion no longer lives. Remember to take a step back, or no reflection will be possible and this would lead you to more troubles.


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  1. Markosias. I can’t thanks enough for your time and effort to translate this awesome, yet rare hard to find information of the Grand Jeu Lenormand. How about get in touch with the author and get the copy right so you can publish this book in English.
    I know I’m not the first one to think about this book in English, I just want to have it in hand, easy to refer to.
    Once again. Thank you for all your work

  2. Dear Markosias;
    i really cannot thank you enough for the time and efforts in translating the interpretation of the cards, this book is really rare.
    i have a question if you don’t mind related to the 3 of hearts: what does the letters (SEKIO) means?

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