Grand Lenormand – Part 10: 9 – King of Spades

Nine of Spades [Group: The Trojan War]

This card exerts influence on neighboring cards. It often foretells of health problems, nervous tension, or psychological problems.

The Letter E
: Nervousness, Inspiration, Independence

Floral Arrangement: Willowherb [Epilobium], Blueberry, Rose of a Hundred Leaves/Petals [Rosa × centifolia]
Interpretation: You’re preoccupied with the health of a friend because you know the situation is not very good. Send them your good vibes or give them a little of your time.

Large Subject: Isis brings news to Helen who is occupied with embroidery.
Interpretation: Someone you know is obligated, at their great regret, to cause pain to those they love. They have no choice and they cannot do otherwise. It is very probable that this action they take will be very difficult for them to accomplish.

Bottom Right Subject: The arrows of Hercules.
Interpretation: Someone you know is feeling guilty for something they have done. It will be required to reflect in order to avoid the worst. In this situation, you must remain neutral and don’t intervene, other people will do it for you.

Bottom Left Subject: Achilles receives from Thetis, his mother, the weapons of Vulcan.
Interpretation: You will take an action that will be considered an error. Be very careful, because this kind of mistake can lead to your loss. You have time to reflect before proceeding, therefore think long and hard on the consequences.

Constellation: Aries
Interpretation: It announces a well supported, high flying time.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Like Helen, you may be anxious or depressed. This wave of blues works against your projects and challenges your skills. You have time to consider taking action, or wait for a better time.

Ten of Spades [Group: The Unforeseen]

This card represents the end of a earlier difficult period consisting of drastic changes in your life. At the same time, it brings frustration and sadness [desolation].

The Letter X
: Illusion, Ambivalence

Floral Arrangement: Garcinia [Monkey Fruit, Garcinia cambogia], Saxifrage, Grass
Interpretation: If someone is looking to block your way, either out of jealousy or another interest; the will quickly be neutralized in their actions.

Large Subject: Laverne, the goddess of thieves, is accompanied by wolves.
Interpretation: This card represents theft, the loss of material goods. Beware, therefore, of theft where business affairs grant large benefits to your associates. You may be deprived of some of your own benefits if you are not careful.

Bottom Right Subject: A woman steals an object from a drawer.
Interpretation: You are at great risk of betrayal by someone in whom you have placed all confidence. Certain indiscretions will be made against you. You will be the focus of treacherous talk.

Bottom Left Subject: A fox devours a chicken
Interpretation: You are being closely watched, for the sole purpose to play you a fool. Your behavior, your comportment, and your success is worrisome to some people who are beginning to be jealous of you.

Constellation: Vulpecula – The Fox
Interpretation: Difficulties finally surmounted.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

You must put your affairs in order, and at the same time monitor those around you. Be on your guard, someone is looking to betray or steal from you. You will be deceived or betrayed if you do not exercise caution and rigor.

Jack of Spades [Group: The Zodiac]

This card represents an enemy, a rival who never prevents harm. Equally, this card may represent a dark man under the age of 30.

The Letter L
: Analysis, Initiative, Sociability

Floral Arrangement: Periwinkle, Wallflower, Veronica
Interpretation: A long lost friend will reappear in your life to ask for your help. Don’t be too reluctant because this relationship will be beneficial.

Large Subject: With a balance in hand, a philosopher weighs the materials.
Interpretation: This card represents a young dark man looking for success, more through his hard work than by a lucky break. It also represents justice in some cases. Additionally it can represent a 50/50 chance.

Bottom Right Subject: A man in front of a judge.
Interpretation: You’re living with a great sense of injustice. You may be the victim of legal proceedings which don’t give any results. You’ll do anything to restore justice for yourself and for others.

Bottom Left Subject: A judge gets between two individuals.
Interpretation: You’re going to receive a proposition. This proposal may not be what you expected, but it would be good to accept it. It is completely in your interest to accept the arrangements proposed to you.

Constellation: Perseus
Interpretation: Rewards after effort.

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Like the philosopher who learns to weigh the pros and cons with his balance, you will need to make same judgments. You are in a situation where you can only accept the equitable propositions given to you. Don’t be resistant to the agreements offered to you.

Queen of Spades [ Group: The Unforeseen ]

This card represents a female celebrity, widowed or divorced who behaves in a very rigid way. Additionally, it can represent a jealous woman or a hypocrite.

The Letter U
: Generosity, Sincerity, Spirituality

Floral Arrangement: Acacia and Holly
Interpretation: Whether on a professional or personal level, you should be discreet because of a risk that some information now revealed may return to be used against you.

Large Subject: Isis discovers Osiris dead and hidden under a flowering tree.
Interpretation: This card represents a widow or divorced woman. It also represents loneliness, solitude, and sadness. Additionally it can mean a time of deep introspection or meditation.

Bottom Right Subject: Isis receives a visit.
Interpretation: You will be assisted and helped by an aged person. This person will give you very good advice. (S)He will console you in these difficult times.

Bottom Left Subject: A man replenishes an oil lamp.
Interpretation: The loss of a friend or confident plunges you into a time of solitude. You must prepare yourself for this possibility. Know that sometimes it is not detrimental to find yourself alone.

Constellation: The Southern Cross
Interpretation: Trust maintained

Overall Interpretation of the Card

Like Isis who cries when discovering her dead husband, you will be faced with a time of great sadness or loneliness. Therefore, there is an ordeal to work through over the coming weeks, you must prepare yourself. But don’t forget that this card always remains a positive force on the spiritual level.

King of Spades [ Group: The Unforeseen ]

This card represents a man of justice or the law, but possibly a doctor in certain readings. It often represents a man with power or authority.

The Letter S
: Responsibility, Good Business Sense

Floral Arrangement: Tulip, Chinaberry Tree (Cape Lilac), Balisier
Interpretation: Convinced that the actions of one of your friends do not correspond to your morals, you will sever your ties of friendship with this person.

[ NOTE: Balisier can refer to two very different plants: Heliconia (common name; “Lobster Claws” and sometimes cited as “Balisier rouge”) OR Canna indica/edulis, a type of Canna lily – To me, the illustration looks much more like a Canna lily than “Lobster Claws” which have a very distinctive look]

Large Subject: Menes, pharaoh of Egypt, presides over a plea.
Interpretation: This card represents a man of middle age, widowed or divorced. Additionally it can also represent a judge or lawman. One thing is certain, it often announces legal problems.

Bottom Right Subject: A lawyer delivers a sealed letter.
Interpretation: Justice is going to enter into your life through a legal process or a divorce. You will need to present yourself before a judge to settle a dispute. Your career may suffer due to this process.

Bottom Left Subject: A prisoner behind bars.
Interpretation: You have, or will have problems with the law. You may lose at trial or a pending case. If you have debts, you must pay them quickly before running into legal problems.

Constellation: Ardens (Ardent/Coals) ou (or) Porte des Hommes (Door of Men)
Interpretation: Arrival of a new equilibrium.

[Note: There are two possibilities here, one source ( ) says the modern equivalent is Corona Borealis – The Northern Crown, HOWEVER another says it’s Cancer from the Zodiac: clearly states “Quelques Grecs la connaissaient sous le nom de Porte des Hommes, là d’où les âmes provenaient pour pénétrer les corps à la naissance” ]

Overall Interpretation of the Card

This card represents the law in all its positive and bad implications. Certainly, it will permit settling disputes or business transactions, but don’t forget that it’s often synonymous with court trials. Now, if well placed, this card will permit a settlement.


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