Grand Lenormand in Translation – Part 14: Methods

This is the final short chapter of the French book I have describing the Grand Lenormand. It has taken me nearly a year to finally get it finished, I hope you have found this series useful! Thanks!

Methods for consulting your “Large Deck of Mlle. Lenormand”

Now that you have discovered and studied the cards of the Great Deck of Mlle. Lenormand, here are some basic methods of laying out the cards used today. Additionally, you may find spreads that do not fit with their traditional interpretation because these interpretations are from my own personal research.

Nothing prevents you, like me, from creating your own methods of interpretation, quite the contrary.

But I would advise you anyways to master the spreads in this book before creating your own.

The Cross Spread

Shuffle the cards well and meditate on a precise question. Cut the deck, then return it face down to the table in front of you. Five cards are used for this reading.

Lay the first card, face down, to the left. The second to the right, leaving room for a card between. The third, over the space between the first two cards. The fourth, below the space between the first two, and finally the fifth card in the center.

Turn each card face up as they are read:

  1. Represents that which is in favor of the question.
  2. Represents that which is against the question.
  3. Represents the dominant, major forces in play, whether for or against.
  4. Represents the possible result
  5. Represents the synthesis

Finally, you read the relations between each subject. [using the bottom inlay images]

The Principle Reading

Shuffle the cards well, face down. Think strongly on your professional future and read three cards. Now read three more cards, to the right of your first selection, these pertain to your future personal affairs. Once again, read three cards that concern your financial affairs, lay them below the first three cards. Finally, read three additional cards that have to do with your health, lay them to the right of the last three (below the second set).

Read the general interpretation of the cards, and then make the relations between the inlay within each subject group.

The Triangle Spread

Shuffle the cards well while thinking on a precise question. Cut the deck and place it on the table in front of you, face down, and read three cards.

  • The forces present around the object in question.
  • Gives an idea of near future events and also the attitudes to have facing any problems that arise which will lead toward a good ending.
  • Possible issues or problems concerning the question.

The 12 Astrological Houses

Shuffle the cards well while meditating on your hopes for the future, or those of your consultant. Cut the deck and place it on the table in front of you face down. Then spread 12 cards, counter clockwise, in a circle – starting at the “9 o’clock” position.

1st House
Represents the consultant facing himself and his character

2nd House
Represents the Finances of the consultant

3rd House
Represents those surrounding the consultant, brothers, sisters, and also travel and communication

4th House
Represents the parents of the consultant or their heritage

5th House
Represents children, vacations and recreation for the consultant, and also lovers

6th House
Represents work and health, also any workers around the house of the consultant

7th House
Represents the love life of the consultant, also friends, associates, and notable public actions

8th House
Represents death or the end of a cycle, magic, the occult, sexuality, also real estate and money

9th House
Represents strangers, travel, justice and the legal process, also spirituality.

10th House
Represents parents, authority figures or heritage, as well as honors and notoriety.

11th House
Represents hopes, creative projects and friendly relations

12th House
Represents serious illness, hospital visits, hidden meetings, or other large problems

The most important house is the 10th, plus the one that you find absolutely a priority to watch out for while giving your thoughts during the reading. This spread is good for giving an overview of the coming 6 to 12 months. There is no need to read this spread on a weekly basis.


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  1. Hola amigo, quiero agradecerte semejante esfuerzo en traducir los significados de tan bellas cartas. Desgraciadamente casi nadie escribe acerca de estas cartas y por fortuna (aveces lo creo) casi nadie las conoce creo que es un maso muy completo desde todo lado que lo mires.
    Te saludo desde argentina agradeciendo otra vez por el trabajo que has hecho y cualquier otra información que publiques siempre sera apreciada.
    Un abrazo grande Sergio.

  2. This was a real labor of love and one that is deeply appreciated by many! Thanks so much Lemegeton for sticking with the translations over a year and finishing them – I will reference your writings often 😀

  3. Thank you so much for this wonderful translation. It seems that some of the numbered blog entires related to Le Grand Lenormand are missing. Is there any way to access them?

  4. Hi George, good catch! I just noticed that two parts (8 & 9) were miscatagorized. I have added them both to the “Grand Lenormand” topic so they should show up now if you click the “This entry was posted in Grand Lenormand” at the bottom of one of the entries.


  5. Hi Lemegeton,

    Thanks for your hard work on this.
    I can start this wonderful deck from your blog.
    I also remembered that you may group your post to be a pdf file. Will you plan to do that soon?

    Thanks again.

  6. Thank you so so much for these interpretations!! I have had these cards for 15 years, and always put aside because not sure how to read them. I bought the book you translated. I have no French background, and I was going to type the words into google for the translation and started and decided it would take me forever!! My deep appreciation for your translations!!

  7. Thank you. It is such a tremendous amount of work that you have put into this project. It saves me a lot of time, and many dollars as well. The books have become quite expensive. I’m grateful for all that you have done for the community.

  8. Information on the dotted figures, which appear under some of the letters, can be found in “Napoleon’s Book of Fate and Oraculum”, in the public domain and available at .

    • These are called geomantic figures. There are several good books available on geomancy (note this is not Feng Shui, which is sometimes know as Chinese Geomancy).

      • Just had a look at the book you mentioned and the figures in there are totally unrelated to the geomantic figures shown on the cards.

  9. i cannot thank you enough for translating this!! I was able to find an antique version of this deck and had no way of interpreting them. With out your help, I could not fully enjoy my beautiful new deck. Thank you!!!!!!!

  10. Holaaaa excelente aporte y trabajo, muchas gracias porque me has orientado un monton en redescubir la baraja. Gracias!!!! Como te podria agregar para estar en comunicación? Gracias nuevamente y muchos saludos. Marco Dario Lagomarcino Rodriguez (Facebook) Whatsap +51910254369 SALUDOS DE LIMA-PERÚ

  11. Hi!
    Congratulations and gratitude for your work.
    In the methods of drawing with the 12 astrological houses, I see a 13th. card, could you say something about what this card refers to?
    Thank you so much.

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