Move Progress…

Well I’ve got about half of the house boxed up and ready to go.  I still need to pack up the computer room, master bedroom, and all of the tools/yard stuff from outside and in the garage.  The “wrap every item” type stuff is all done (kitchen/breakables, knick-knack stuff, etc.), so hopefully the rest of the packing will go a bit more quickly.  We’ll see.  Still no real interest in the house, so I’ll probably have to enlist a realtor instead of doing the FSBO thing.

In other news, I made another music “discovery” in German music – Heimataerde.  Kind of like a cross between Techno and Clan of Xymox, in German.  I bought three of their albums using Amazon’s MP3 download option (fist timer for using that service).  It was great, within minutes I had three new albums for my MP3 collection and they seamlessly migrated into my web-jukebox server, very cool.   Anyways, it’s great “packing music.”

And in more “other news,” I’ve been doing a little Hellgate London and FSX when I get a couple free minutes (usually around 1-2AM).  I really like the addition of in-game mail for HGL – I can finally xfer those nice legendary items to my alts.  And with FSX, I seem to have found a “sweet spot” for making FRAPS movies along with TileProxy on a dual-core system.  Allow FSX to run on two cores, put FRAPS on one, and TileProxy on another.  Also have the TileProxy cache on a seperate drive than where FRAPS is saving its video capture.  If I get all my packing done early, I may try to make my first “real” FSX video, maybe with some of that Heimataerde music for background…  All I need is time, something in very short supply right now, LOL!

I can’t believe that I’ll be outta here in 2-3 weeks!  Yikes – I’d better get back to work – hope y’all are havin’ fun! Enjoy!


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  1. I found your blog stating you have a property for sale by owner and would like to offer you a complimentary listing. Email me your property information (address, price & contact) and I’ll set-up for you.

    Thanks – Jennifer,

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