Love & Anger, Lennox Style

Ok, so I have this thing about making musical compilations.  Besides my “Requiem for a Gay Man,” one of my favorites is a 2-Disc set I made called “Love & Anger; Annie Lennox.” I’d love to see this done commercially – she’s got some great stuff out there that I didn’t have space to include.  It could probably be expanded to a 4-disc set at least.  Oh well, here’s what I came up with – Enjoy!  I’ll try to include YouTube links, but some of these are not going to be there – some are extremely hard just to find on CD!

Disc 1 – Annie Love

  1. Stay By Me (Diva)
  2. Precious (Angel CD Single)
  3. Belinda (In The Garden)
  4. Downtown Lights (Medusa)
  5. There Must Be an Angel Playing With My Heart (Be Yourself Tonight)
  6. Take Your Pain Away (Revenge)
  7. Beautiful Child (Peace)
  8. We Too Are One (We Too Are One)
  9. Let’s Go (Revenge)
  10. Julia (1984)
  11. Heaven (Savage)
  12. I Only Want to be With You (Tourists – Greatest Hits)
  13. The Miracle of Love (Revenge)
  14. River Deep, Mountain High (Walking on Broken Glass CD Single)
  15. Primitive (Diva)
  16. Precious (Diva) (a completely different song than the Eurythmics one)
  17. Love Is A Stranger (Sweet Dreams)
  18. Love Song for a Vampire (No More I Love You’s CD Single)

Anger Lennox:

  1. Walking on Broken Glass (Diva)
  2. Don’t Ask Me Why (We Too Are One)
  3. Would I Lie To You (Be Yourself Tonight)
  4. Why (Diva)
  5. You Hurt Me and I Hate You (We Too Are One)
  6. So You Want to Go Away Now (Tourists – Greatest Hits)
  7. Erased (Bare)
  8. You Have Placed a Chill in my Heart (Savage)
  9. Here Comes That Sinking Feeling (Be Yourself Tonight)
  10. Anything But Strong (Peace)
  11. I Could Give You A Mirror (Sweet Dreams)
  12. I Need You (Savage)
  13. Somebody Told Me (Sweet Dreams)
  14. Thin Line Between Love & Hate (Medusa)
  15. Thorn In My Side (Revenge)
  16. Who’s That Girl (Touch)
  17. Revenge (In The Garden)

I made this compilation awhile ago and added entries when Bare and Peace came out. Hope you like it – it’s fun to listen to when you’re in one or the other mood <smirk>.  Sorry I couldn’t find more of the music, but like I said, some of it is even tough to find on CD’s.  Enjoy!

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