Slow Weekend…

As much as I hoped to make some real headway on the packing and other moving preparations, I didn’t get hardly anything done in that arena.  I ended up reading a couple of books instead, and playing a bit of Warhammer here and there.  The books were most excellent, however. The first was a very short, but engrossing book on web “psychology,” for want of a better explanation. Neuro Web Design: What Makes Them Click?  relates many different psychological studies and how their conclusions relate to web design, and what … Continue reading

Somebody Call EA/Mythic an Exterminator!

It’s been a week of frustration in Warhammer this past week. I’m not sure what’s happened, but ever since the end of the “Night of Murder” special event, there have been more bugs cropping up than ever in Warhammer.  It’s almost like the first few weeks of release – very bad!  And it’s especially annoying since my first impression just a few short weeks ago was such a silky-smooth, non-buggy experience.  Their latest patches have really screwed the pooch, so to speak. So what’s broken now that was working just a … Continue reading

Key Web (re)Design Objectives

I’ve been working in the web development/coding sector for about seven years or so and I’ve noticed a few recurrent issues that  crop up when creating or redesigning a website: Ease of Use.  Including navigation and readability.  ADA tags/formatting and other helpful tags.  Including the ability to adjust the font size as well. Adherence to information mapping guidelines and “the crow memory” rule I learned way back in high school psychology (basically that people tend to get flustered/confused if more than 7-10 items are presented to them at one time).  Consistency of Presentation. … Continue reading

8K in 2009 and more Dragon Age

As of yesterday I hit my goal of 8,000 hits on the blog for this year, with a month and a half to spare! I know that’s small potatoes for most folks, but it’s just over double the number of visitors I had the year prior, so that was pretty cool. [Balloons and confetti fall here] Over the weekend I also played a lot more Dragon Age: Origins, and I’m still enjoying it quite a bit, but some of the shortcomings are starting to become apparent.  They’re pretty minor, but I’m starting to … Continue reading

Champions – not a champ of a patcher…

Just waiting around for my patches to download for the Champions Online “marketing ploy” … I mean “open beta.”  It’s having issues, which really is not unexpected, but – they should have allowed folks to pre-patch/download over the past week or so to help alleviate and discover these issues.  Oh well, I’ve done what they’ve suggested to “work around” some of the issues, but it’s still acting odd.  It seems to consistently hang at ~20-21MB, even after attempting Cryptic’s “work around.”  🙁  Hopefully it will work better this evening when I get … Continue reading