Higher Ed Web Sites (ya, they suck)

Here’s a cool article I just read this morning. I tried to post a reply there, but it wouldn’t let me, so I’ll just post my views over here.  I’m just starting a total re-do at a local college website and this article along with the comments have really provided some food for thought. I totally disagree with the commenter that recommends taking the conversation to www.edustyle.net – they’re part of the problem promulgating boring/poor designs. What’s needed are independent views like this one. My favorites from the article and comments … Continue reading

Digital ICE – so so performance

I’ve been using the new scanner intensively the past week or so.  For the most part it has been great, but when it fails, it fails big time on the “Digital ICE” feature that is supposed to clean up old, possibly damaged photos, slides, negatives, etc.  Besides the problems with ultra rocky settings, it also seems to do odd stuff when there are a lot of leafy trees or rippled water shots.  It just over smooths those things and turns them into blocky, artifact filled pictures, which is unfortunate.  Of … Continue reading

Family Archive Project

I’ve been pretty busy laying the groundwork for this project. The photo scanner is scheduled to arrive early next week, and I’d like to have a process of some kind worked out by that time to get the photos/slides scanned, tweaked if needed, and uploaded to the web-host with supporting data added to a database of some kind. So I’ve been working on the web backend that will include the photo loader and data entry forms.  I’ve also created a database with a few tables to support the data that … Continue reading

New Project: Scanning Old Photos

I’m gearing up to dive into a huge project at home, digitizing a sizeable photo-archive.  This week I’m planning on ordering a scanner build just for photograph scanning, an Epson Perfection 600.  I’m really hoping the “Digital ICE” is as good as reported.  Some of the slides, negatives, and photos I’ll be scanning do have some damage, so I’m very hopeful that this built in corrective software can really do what it’s claiming. In the mean time, I’m trying to convince my mom to give me full access to all … Continue reading

May is over, time for Summer

A little late for a month-end roll-up, but better late than never.  Here are the stats for May: Top Posts Home page with 309 hits Gardening Bug with 171 Enochian Tablets… Building Your Own with 117 ScreenShots with 71 EVE Multibox Mining with 41 Almost had a month without an EVE post in the top 5!  Early this month I crossed a pretty big milestone – breaking the 20K visitors mark.  I thought that was pretty cool, esp. for the semi-regular, somewhat eccentric blog that Lemegeton tends to be.  897 of those hits came in … Continue reading