Super Busy!

Ok, sorry for not posting for nearly a month, but I’ve been busy trying to re-do my website and set up a new YouTube account, trying to get more translation done on the Grand Lenormand, and of course the regular day-to-day stuff, like work 😛

Anyways, I hope to have this blog moved over to my permanent domain/website sometime this week, and shortly after that I should have my next segment in the Grand Lenormand translation completed (the first four cards from the suit of Hearts).

I’ve also been very busy trying out new things with my camera, mainly macro shots.  So far I’ve been mostly working with flowers mainly to get the technique down.  Flowers are another ‘No-No’ category for iStock since they’re overloaded with them.  But they do provide great learning subjects.  Here’s a shot of a tiny bug on a lobelia flower – I didn’t even know the bug was there until I started looking over the shots in Lighroom!



I hope all is going well in your world, and hopefully by this time next week I’ll have the blog fully settled into its new home! Enjoy!

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