You know it’s Summer…

‘Cuz the blog gets very little attention… I’ve been busy at work and busy outdoors, busy cleaning house, busy, busy, busy – I tend to skip the whole “Spring Cleaning” thing and do all that during Summer for some reason. So besides all the work stuff, what have I been doing for entertainment?  Mainly I’ve been watching (the new) Dr. Who.  I just finished Season 4 over the weekend, so I’m all caught up with the show, as far as DVD releases go.  I’ve also been adding quite a few photo albums … Continue reading

May Rollup

What a busy month!  I can’t believe how much I’ve neglected writing in the blog, so I’m gonna blame work for that! 😛  I’ve been really busy trying to put together purchase plans and distributing and configuring new computer systems for the library that my time has just disappeared on me.  By the time I get home I just wanted to vedge in front of a game or do some reading. On the gaming front, I was jumping into WAR fairly regularly, playing both my Order and Chaos toons.  Then … Continue reading

What’s Up?

Mainly I’ve been reading a great book about the Tarot for the past few days called “The Thursday Night Tarot.”  It’s really resonating for me because unlike a lot of other “new agey” stuff, this book comes off with a lot of self reliance and responsibility.  Basically the jist of the book is, if you’re not getting what you want out of life, either you’re not trying hard enough, or you’re not being honest with yourself about what you really want.  It’s not God’s fault, it’s not your parents’ fault, … Continue reading

Prescott Plants

So it started out a pretty nice day today and I wanted to go get some plants for my empty planter boxes.  Being in an apartment has really curbed my gardening, but I do have about five or six of those 3′ plastic planter boxes to try and bring a little bit of greenery into my existence.  My shopping list included quite a few herbs, some showy flowers, and some scented flowers: Rosemary Thymes (various types) Lavenders (various types) Mints (various types, esp. chocolate, spearmint, and apple) Creeping Verbenas Geraniums (pelargoniums, … Continue reading

Gardening Bug

With the onset of Spring, I’m really wishin I was in a house again so I could get out in the yard and do some gardening.  But since moving to Prescott last April, I’ve been living in an apartment – which has been a major adjustment in itself after having been in a house for almost the last 10 years.  I was able to sell my house back in NM (ugh, that “Steet View” is in Winter when everything was dead, so it’s pretty ugly), but I barely got out of it what … Continue reading