More Moving Prep.

I spent most of the weekend boxing up the rest of the bookshelves, which included all my “media” like; books, DVD’s, CD’s, cassettes, etc. Today I should be getting a bunch of packing paper (blank newsprint) to start working on all the doo-dads, chachkas, knickknacks, and other “stuff.”  If I can get that all done, then I think I’ll start on the kitchen. I’ve got a bunch of dishes to wash as it is, so I may as well do those and pack them up.  It’d be much easier if … Continue reading

Garden Simulator

I’ve always dreamed of having a gardening simulator on my PC.  Well, ok… not always, but ever since I seriously got into gardening when I bought my first house back in 2000. I mean the data is already out there, in spades – but no one seems to have come up with a decent algorithm for this.  There might not be a huge demand, but I do know that the many gardeners I’ve met over the years are quite passionate about their hobby and would love a tool like this … Continue reading

The Perennial Farm

As the move gets inexorably closer, the more detail I’m trying to flesh out for the farming venture.  After re-reading some of the pertinent sections of my several books on the topic of growing plants for profits, I’ve started trying to lay down some concrete plans. Maybe that’s more like a gravel mulch over weed-cloth plans… Anyways, most books (and I) agree that I should probably start out selling perennials, since the “big-box stores” have pretty much decimated the annual/bedding plants of any semblance of profit. The main exercise over this weekend … Continue reading

Growing For Profit

So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how and what to try and start growing on my Mom’s land this Summer in order to make some kind of profit.  I’m still undecided.  At first I was thinking of doing ornamental and bedding plants because they seem to always be in demand – along with grafts from the various fruit trees from the existing orchard.  But I don’t think the grafts would be ready for resale until next year, and the same probably goes for getting established as a … Continue reading

Mid-Year roll-up

I can’t believe 2009 is already half over, but such is the nature of time – it just keeps on going without consideration toward any thing. It’s been an extraordinarily busy year for me so far, and I keep hoping that things will slow down to a dull roar, but so far I think things are actually getting busier as the year progresses.  Not a good thing for my mental nor physical well being, but in this kind of economic environment, I really have no room to complain. On with … Continue reading